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Dr. Julius Tsai of AIT shares inspirational stories of illustrious personages in the US history

(Provided by Si Wan College) To promote international education and strengthen students’ English language abilities and global vision, the Si Wan International Salon of the Si Wan College at NSYSU planned a series of lectures in English – International Corner. The first lecture was given by Public Affairs Officer Dr. Julius Tsai of the Kaohsiung Branch of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), who shared inspirational stories of illustrious personages in the US history. His lecture attracted 60 students from different countries.

Dr. Julius Tsai previously taught at Temple University and served as a diplomat in Georgia, China, and the Philippines. He shared stories of “underdogs becoming dark horses”. Dr. Tsai gave students a thought-provoking topic and got straight to the point as soon as he stepped onto the stage. “Find your goal, self-improve, and await your chance“, he said. Dr. Tsai believes that if one has goals to pursue, they will automatically progress with one’s abilities to prepare for the chance that awaits them once they are ready. When one is prepared, the chance might arise in the least expected moment, and that is when they can become the dark horse. During the lecture, Dr. Tsai reiterated that one must not be afraid of failing at the start. He gave the example of deaf-blind political activist Helen Adams Keller and African American track and field athlete Jesse Owens, whose patience and perseverance led them to success. One of the students gave the example of NBA star Stephen Curry who doesn’t have a perfect posture of a basketball player, yet he managed to succeed because of his admirable perseverance and diligence and became the single season leader, having scored the most three pointers. “This is how an underdog becomes a dark horse.” Dr. Tsai said that the above examples prove that no matter how many difficulties one has to face, he or she will achieve success one day.

The students asked questions about language learning. Dr. Tsai, who speaks 8 languages, said that the key is to have the courage to speak and that raising one’s hand during class to answer questions can help build up confidence. Self-confidence comes with practice – every next time you will speak more fluently. He also said that it is best to express oneself freely because of the inner wish, even with imperfect grammar and that it is not necessary to achieve the native-speaker level, because an imperfect human can never achieve perfection. Dr. Tsai hopes that everyone will bear in mind the essence of learning while studying.

The organizers of the event, Professor Virginia Shen and Assistant Professor Koching Chao of the Si Wan College said that they were very happy to give students the opportunity to listen to the lecture of international speakers, practice language abilities and cultural literacy in daily life even during the pandemic.

More events by International Salon: https://siwan.nsysu.edu.tw/news/internationalcorner_ens2020_1/

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