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Research results shared in international online workshop on big data analysis

(Provided by College of Management) The College of Management of NSYSU, Aspire Academy, and the School of Information Systems of Singapore Management University (SMU) organized an online workshop on big data analysis, concentrating on such topics as strategic human capital management, business analytics, and Human Talent Analytics, during which scholars of both universities shared the results of their research. The College of Management drew from the development achievements of SMU in business big data and HR to cultivate management researchers with a global vision and improve the international influence of the College of Management.

The workshop was hosted by professors of both universities: Dean of the College of Management San-Yih Hwang, Dean of the School of Information Systems Professor Pang Hwee Hwa, and Director of the Living Analytics Research Center at SMU Professor Ee-Peng Lim. Regarding the research on strategic human capital, the winner of the Outstanding Research Award of the Ministry of Science and Technology – Director of the Institute of Human Resource Management Professor Nai-Wen Chi shared the results of his research on the everyday work resources waste and restoration at workplace. Professor Ee-Peng Lim of SMU applied methods of big data analysis to job market analysis, integrated data on vacancies announced in job banks, and obtained information on the employment-seekers’ requirements and salary expectations regarding different categories of vacancies, depending on their gender, background, and personality traits.

Regarding the research on business big data analysis, Assistant Professor Huei-Fang Yang of the Department of Information Management at NSYSU presented her research which focuses on the development of zero-shot hashing and self-supervised hashing methods to reduce the reliance on large amounts of annotated training data and to solve real-life problems. Professor Pao-Lien Chen and Assistant Professor Yu-Hsuan Wang of the Institute of Human Resource Management shared their research on expatriate assignments and firm performance in international markets, and the impact of career path and development in the organization, respectively.

Professor Jack Shieh-Chieh Hsu of the Department of Information Management shared his study on linking the maturity of AI in business with human capital and college education. Assistant Professor Yi-Huang Kang shared the results of his research on accelerating Learning with Expert-in-the-loop. Assistant Professor Huei-Fang Yang gave a presentation on how deep learning can help develop rapid image search technologies. Several SMU professors shared their research on course grade prediction, retail business analytics, graph analytics, and recommender systems, topic and sentiment analysis & MITB (Artificial Intelligence) programme. Professors of both universities engaged in lively interaction and exchange online, and after the meeting, discussed further future cooperation.

Dean San-Yih Hwang said that business big data analysis at the College of Management is one of the focal items of the Higher Education Sprout Project of the Ministry of Education. Rich software and hardware resources of the College help apply integrated business big data analysis technologies to business management research. The focus on human resource management and information management helps cultivate management professionals and researchers with a global vision and connections to the industry and then, bring in the second wave of international competitiveness of Taiwan.

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