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NSYSU ranks first for registration rate of PhD programs and rate growth among Taiwanese research universities


In December, the Ministry of Education published a report on universities’ registration rates for the academic year 2020-2021. As many as 40 doctoral and 39 master programs in Taiwan showed no results in admissions, proving an overall disparity between demand and supply on the education market. Despite the trend of falling birthrates in Taiwan, NSYSU has had a 10.74% growth in the registration rate for doctoral programs, from last year’s 85.39% to 96.13% in the academic year 2020-2021. NSYSU ranked first among research universities in Taiwan for both the registration rate of doctoral programs and its growth in the past year.

“NSYSU’s performance is not only reflected in the growth of registration rates, but also in the number of applicants who recently registered for admission exams for master programs”, said Vice President for Academic Affairs Chih-Peng Li. He pointed out that 9465 people registered for the admission examination for master programs for the academic year 2021-2022, 3.3% more than last year, and thus, there has been a steady growth in the number of applicants despite the unfavorable situation of higher education in Taiwan. Master programs at the Institute of Biopharmaceutical Sciences, the Department of Sociology, the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Chinese Literature, and the Department of Biological Sciences showed the highest growth in registration rates.

To respond to the government’s policies and the industry development trends, from the academic year 2019-2020 to 2021-2022, NSYSU has established new departments and institutes, and drawing a blueprint for the education of future talents in an innovative and visionary way. NSYSU established new doctoral programs: the PhD in Information Security at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the PhD Program at the Institute of Medical Science and Technology, the International Graduate Program of Education and Human Development – PhD program, the International PhD Program for Science (previously the International PhD for Accelerated Light Source and Neutron Beam Applications), as well as new master programs: at the Institute of Biopharmaceutical Sciences, the Institute of Precision Medicine, the Master Program of Information Security at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the Master Program of Advanced Applied Materials at the Department of Materials and Optoelectronic Science, at the Institute of Marine Ecology and Conservation, the Master's Program in Offshore Wind Power Maritime Engineering at the Department of Marine Environment and Engineering, at the Graduate Institute of Arts Management and Entrepreneurship, the Institute of Social Innovation, the International Graduate Program of Education and Human Development – master program, and the Master of Indigenous Studies in Sociology at the Department of Sociology.

For undergraduate programs, there is a new Program in Interdisciplinary Studies and three departments: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering, and Chemistry are now establishing undergraduate programs in English with a quota of 100 students. Besides the above, NSYSU is conducting the process of establishing the School of Post-Baccalaureate Medicine and has already obtained the approval of the Ministry of Education to continue with the process. To cultivate outstanding military personnel, as well as to fulfill its social responsibility, NSYSU will start an undergraduate program in national defense in cooperation with the Ministry of National Defense starting from the academic year 2022-2023.
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