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Cross-university forum for administrative staff to share experience implementing Teaching Practice Research Program


(Provided by Teaching and Learning Development and Resources Center, TLDRC) The South Base of MOE (Ministry of Education) Teaching Practice Research Program (TPRP) organized an exchange forum for administrative staff, inviting representatives of various academic institutions for experience-sharing, including Yu-Chih Lin – Director of the Teaching and Learning Development and Resources Center of Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) and Assistant Researcher Chi-Jung Huang of the Office of Academic Affairs of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), who discussed their experience implementing the Program. Director of the TLDRC at NSYSU and the Principal Investigator of the South Base of MOE TPRP Tong-Yu Hsieh emphasized that many obstacles may occur during implementation of TPRP and that one of the tasks of the South Base is to create a support network for the teachers. He asserted the importance of the role of the administrative staff and said that the aim of the forum is to provide a platform for exchange and collaboration.

Director Yu-Chih Lin pointed out that there are three strategies in the training of medicine teachers. The first strategy is a formal teacher training model to train teaching skills for the subject course; the second is to gather teachers of the same medical field to discuss the most appropriate teaching methods for the subject field, such as simulation or general lectures; the third is to build an observational learning system, allowing university teachers learn from other's experience by observing each other’s teaching styles. Director Lin said that this is a teacher training system that applies both formal and informal methods, and is based on teachers’ willingness to share experience; this system embodies the spirit of the TPRP and provides multiple opportunities and resources.

Assistant Researcher Chi-Jung Huang presented the example of NCKU and explained the purpose and benefits of establishing a teachers’ society. She pointed out that the teachers’ society helps the teachers connect and launch interdisciplinary courses and teaching projects. She also said that besides providing a matchmaking platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, the teachers’ society acts as a mutual support group for those who need resources or psychological support. The positive message of the society will spread among teachers by word of mouth and lead to an increased number of submissions.

During the discussion after the meeting, the PI Tong-Yu Hsieh presented ideas of various universities in the south of Taiwan, such as the joint establishment of a mentorship group that invited teachers whose projects were approved by the TPRP two or more times to offer personal consultations for cross-university teachers on how to compile and implement projects and simulate the preliminary selection of projects so as to encourage teachers to apply for funding and increase the rate of approved applications submitted by local teachers. Finally, Director Hsieh emphasized that the South Base is a service provider, and welcomed other universities to submit applications for funding balance to support the launching of TPRP.

(Edited by Public Affairs Division)
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