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First aquatic tug of war competition held during NSYSU Sports Day


National Sun Yat-sen University held the first aquatic tug of war competition during Sports Day, an annual campus event bustling with noise and excitement. This year, for the first time, the tug of war competition was held on water in the swimming pool on campus. Aquatic tug of war, a new and engaging competition, met with positive reception of the students, who cheered loudly when the team of NSYSU President competed against the team of Vice President for Student Affairs.

In the aquatic tug of war competition, two teams on boats row in opposite directions for one minute, with their backs to each other. The two boats are connected with a rope with a marking to determine the winner. NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng and the administrators of the University’s first level units got on the boats to demonstrate the rules of the competition. When the whistle sounded, the professors paddled with all their strength. “It was no joke!” said President Cheng. He said that the spirit of sports and the learning spirit are the same thing. “We always have to make an all-out effort!” The team of President Cheng defeated the team of Vice President for Student Affairs.

Vice President for Student Affairs Ching-Li Yang said that the construction of the University's new Marine Center, a future center for water sports, is about to be completed and that the University decided to cooperate with the Dragon Boat Association to hold aquatic tug-of-war competitions, following the advice of President Cheng. “We hope to use the facilities we already have for the students to experience water sports that they didn’t have the chance to try before”. She also said that next year, the University is considering using its unique location by the beach to organize a tug of war event in the ocean for the participants to have the unique experience of competing in the “real waters”.

Besides, to stimulate students' team spirit, NSYSU held the popular inflatable caterpillar race. A total of 60 teams, each comprising 12 students, lifted the inflatable caterpillar and ran to the finish line. This was a test of their arm strength and sprinting power. Chan-Hong Lu, a student of the champion team, said that at first, his main reason for signing up for the competition was to strengthen the cohesiveness of the table tennis team. Before the competition, the team members practiced and encouraged each other. However, Lu would never believe that they would be the winners of this fierce competition among 60 teams.

To make students realize that “the classroom is not the only place to learn”, NSYSU has annually celebrated the Sports Day since the academic year 2019-2020, changing the lecture room for the athletic field for one day. Besides the interdepartmental track and field competition, there was also a creative parade for all departments of the University to join. President Cheng emphasized that “staying healthy can help students be more persistent in studying." Many studies have shown that sports can enhance learning, build character, endurance and willpower, and stabilize emotions. Competition lets students learn how to work in a team and communicate to achieve mutual understanding and be competitive.
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