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College of Management combines USR with CSR for social participation

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(Provided by Institute of Public Affairs Management) The USR (University Social Responsibility) Project of the College of Management (CoM) at NSYSU – “Academia-industry cooperation, local harmony: establishing university’s cooperative empowerment and extension service”, joined hands with 3 local enterprises in Kaohsiung: Taiwan Hopax Chemicals, Laser Tek Taiwan, and Jiu Zhen Nan Foods to combine USR with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects, integrate corporate resources and local power and participate in social actions. The successful cooperation achievements and the passionate participation of the companies were recorded in a video shot by the team – “Sustainability Starts with the Power of Connection” that calls on more companies with CSR aspirations for social participation.


The USR project of CoM focuses on talent cultivation and local connections to achieve a unique cooperative empowerment and extension service (CEES) through relevant courses, students, and USR project team to fulfill the University’s social responsibility. The Project bridges the local government, community, and enterprises to inject fresh energy into local development. Common wellbeing and improvement are the core goals of social responsibility practice. "Only when the world gets better, we will improve.” In 2020, as part of 9 social efficiency projects, 12 events were held, and the parties jointly promoted training activities and courses – around 90 events in total that attracted over 1300 participants.


Taiwan Hopax Chemicals, a Kaohsiung-based enterprise with 45 years of history presented in the video “Distance Melts in the Heart" (距離的刻度在「貼.心」中融化), has been involved in social participation and care for the underprivileged for many years and has set up a culture and arts foundation to launch CSR initiatives. The University held three sessions of an art workshop using Hopax Chemicals’ flagship product – Stick’n in Daliao and Dashu districts of Kaohsiung City, where many of the company employees live. To make proper use of resources for the benefit of the local community, the USR project team invited the Director of Senior Citizen Services Center, Social Affairs Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government, the Social Welfare Section of District Office, and local social care organizations to identify appropriate stations for senior community care. The employees of the companies joined the Corporate Sustainability and Local Revitalization Co-Learning Group of CoM as volunteers and organized the Stick’n art workshop for the elderly. Taiwan Hopax Chemicals signed an MOU on collaboration with CoM to promote industry-academia cooperation and talent cultivation.


The video “Creating Common Wellbeing and Sustainability” was shot in collaboration with Laser Tek Taiwan, a local enterprise in Taiwan. Chairman Gary Cheng, an outstanding alumnus of NSYSU, is particularly concerned about corporate sustainable management and spares no effort in promoting CSR projects. Cooperation between Laser Tek Taiwan and the USR project team of CoM responds to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by organizing the Cishan Farming Fun & Countryside Experience Day to support toxic-free agriculture and sustainable management through practical actions and close exchange with community partners to promote a sense of local identity and emotional ties. To jointly promote the talent cultivation by USR & CSR, CoM started a course on CSR report writing, studying the case of Laser Tek Taiwan to provide the students with reports on practical CSR implementation and nurture their practical CSR expertise, and inviting the company's junior and middle-level executive staff to exchange with the students, not only to work together to compile the report on corporate sustainability but also to assist the company with the application of CSR-related concepts and nurture future CSR professionals.


Daliao District has the reputation of an industrial area, where the urban development has increasingly aggravated the problems of population aging and outmigration. The local revitalization promoted by the industry, government, and academia brought in business opportunities for the local community, not only benefitting the local development in Daliao, but also attracting young people – a new trend in the area. Jiu Zhen Nan Foods, cooperating on the video “Working Together for a New Future of Daliao”, has been committed to supporting Kaohsiung for many years, and hopes to strengthen its CSR for social participation and local connections through cooperation with USR & CSR project of the College of Management. At the beginning of 2020, Jiu Zhen Nan Foods, Daliao District Office, and NSYSU CoM cooperated on the Daliao District Revitalization Project. Daliao District Office has appointed the USR project team of CoM as the regional revitalization consultant and conduct a workshop on the local revitalization and visions with the teachers of CoM as lecturers, and gather all parties interested in the local revitalization of Daliao to dig in the local features and development elements. They will also visit enterprises that have the potential for local revitalization development, identify developmental needs, and plan how to provide the community with support and assistance.


NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng emphasized that the focus of the University's social responsibility is not only talent cultivation and academic research, but also, it is committed to turning the academic research capability into action for the development of the community and local industry and to promoting a positive connection between urban and rural areas to bring back the splendor of Greater Kaohsiung.


The project coordinator, Associate Dean of CoM Professor Jui-Kun Kuo said that the mission behind CoM’s USR project is to care for the local community and discover potential problems in local development. The University connected with partners of different circles to jointly promote cooperation and find solutions. The project team bridged resources and capacity for use where they are most needed. Dean of CoM Professor San-Yih Hwang pointed out that CoM courses focus on such CSR concepts as sustainability, corporate management and corporate theories – a global trend in business and management. CoM hopes to take the initiative to help companies fulfill their social responsibility while providing students with an opportunity for social participation, connecting with the local community, and CSR practices of the industry.


(Edited by Public Affairs Division)



“Sustainability Starts with the Power of Connection” (永續,從連結你我的力量開始), a video on the USR project of CoM: https://youtu.be/CP6-JrMb2as

“Creating Common Wellbeing and Sustainability” (共創共好‧永續城鄉), cooperation with Laser Tek Taiwan: https://youtu.be/3DuLEhjrP5M

“Distance Melts in the Heart" (距離的刻度在「貼.心」), cooperation with Taiwan Hopax Chemicals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EDDEy89cnw

USR x CSR Cooperation with Jiu Zhen Nan Foods – “Working Together for a New Future of Daliao” (共創大寮新未來): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpoH0_GudjE

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