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Professor Kao-Shing Hwang awarded MOST Outstanding Research Award


(Provided by Office of Research and Development) Distinguished Professor Kao-Shing Hwang of the Control Systems group, Department of Electrical Engineering was recognized for his work in smart robotics with the Outstanding Research Award by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which confers the award annually. In the past 5 years, Professor Hwang’s research focus has been the improvement of the sensory-motor control (SMC) of robots; he has been committed to research in smart robot control system design, robot group cooperation system, and reinforcement learning, and has achieved breakthrough research results in the applications of multi-mobility robot dispatch, dual multi-axis robot arm, and compliant industrial robots for manufacturing systems. Professor Hwang's well-deserved award is another highlight to the research performance of NSYSU and an honor to the University's faculty and students.

The Outstanding Research Award of the Ministry of Science and Technology is awarded to talents in science and technology with outstanding research results to encourage long-term engagement in fundamental or applied research and improve Taiwan’s standards of academic research and international academic position, benefit social development and industrial applications and strengthen domestic science and technology capacity. In addition to the requirements of the subsidized research projects by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the applicant's research results should be academically original or have significant academic value for fundamental research; as for the application, the applicant should have made significant contributions to the economy, society, social welfare, environmental sustainability or industrial efficiency with visionary technological innovations or knowledge and technologies that improve human life.

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