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NSYSU offers financial aid of up to NTD 20,000 for this year’s graduates


As the Level 3 epidemic alert was further extended, NSYSU, as the first university in Taiwan, decided to offer free accommodation during the summer holidays to students currently staying in the dorms until the epidemic situation improves to reduce their non-essential movement. As the outbreak of local epidemic clusters hit hundreds of industries, NSYSU launched a financial aid program for students. This year’s graduates can apply for the University’s financial aid of up to NTD 20,000 until the end of the year. “NSYSU is doing its best to help students get through the difficulties of the epidemic”.

Even before the local epidemic outbreak in Taiwan, NSYSU had been implementing a series of relief measures to help its students. NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng pointed out that since August last year, the University announced a 3% reduction of students’ tuition and fees for one year. This meant average annual savings of NTD 1,600 for the approximate 9,500 students of the University. The financial aid program was further launched to help students and their families who lost their source of income due to the epidemic. Financial aid was granted to families in which the main provider was temporarily unemployed, or his/her sector closed down or suspended operations, causing involuntary unemployment (with the unemployment insurance application not approved yet). An NTD 10,000 allowance is granted to families in which the average income per capita is more than 150% and less than 200% of the minimum cost of living in Kaohsiung City, and NTD 20,000 allowance for those families whose average income per capita is lower than 150% of the minimum cost of living. The financial aid was covered by the University’s emergency aid fund.

“With the 3% tuition and fees reduction, the financial aid, and free dorm accommodation for the summer, NSYSU supports students through these difficult times.” President Ying-Yao Cheng further said that with this year’s epidemic outbreak in Taiwan and Level 3 epidemic alert, NSYSU helps reduce students’ non-essential movement and is the first university in Taiwan to offer free accommodation to students in the dorms during the summer, allowing them to stay until the epidemic situation improves. According to the newest data by NSYSU, about 3400 students stayed in the dormitories this semester. When the University announced this measure, about 1400 students were still in the dorms. NSYSU encourages them to stay on campus and continue their education in a safe environment. This can also set teachers’ minds at ease.

President Cheng also said that the local outbreak of the epidemic in Taiwan was a big shock to every sector of the industry and that NSYSU continues to help students whose families’ livelihood was affected get through this difficult time. The financial aid program for students, launched last year, also set a precedent by extending the deadline for financial aid application for this year’s graduates to the end of this year. President Cheng said that this year’s graduates will have to face a bigger world when they enter the workplace and that the University hopes to accompany them on this journey by helping them financially.
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