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All-in-one campus app developed by student for students


(Report by student journalist) To check the weekly schedule, you need to access the course selection system, to check the grades, you access the grades inquiry subpage... are you tired of inserting your student ID and password every time you need anything? A third-year student of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering Chih-Kang Fang developed an application (中山校務通) integrating information on courses, graduation, transportation on campus, and tuition fees in one convenient interface with a friendly design. The application was downloaded over 4000 times and the highest number of its users in one day was 2618 people. It obtained a rating of 4.9 stars on Google Play and Apple Store.

The mobile application was created for NSYSU students. After free download and installation, it is enough to insert the student ID number and password once to access the application’s service when connected to frequently used campus networks to check the course schedule, grades, graduation requirements, payment forms for student fees in one place and without opening lots of tab windows. Besides, the application lets users check the present location of the campus bus, access the campus map, and application information. If a unit of the university or a club/society wants to promote their event, they can post information in the announcement column for the students to register.

The developer of the application – Chih-Kang, explained that he previously studied at National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology for his bachelor’s degree and was part of the maintenance team of a similar application developed by one of his fellow students. When he came to NSYSU, he applied this experience to his end-of-semester work for the first year of the master program as he came up with the idea of developing a similar all-in-one app for students. After the professor’s approval, he spent around 1 month developing the application and officially launched it in June 2019. To stay close to the user, Chih-Kang accepted revision suggestions, such as including the option of adding the course schedule to the calendar instead of presenting it in the text form.

Chi-Yun Yang, a sophomore of the Department of Political Economy shared that as a freshman, she downloaded Fang’s application and found it very convenient, especially the clear design of grade information section, and appreciated not having to open other tabs. Chih-Kang Fang said that he likes developing applications and is motivated by users’ feedback and good reviews. His application is entirely non-profit. After graduation, he plans to hand over the app to the NSYSU Code Club for maintenance. Fang said he believes that the club will make the app respond to students’ needs even better. “I hope my application will have a future!” he said.

(Edited by Public Affairs Division)
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