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NSYSU launches scholarships to support new students


The pandemic has had a great impact on the economy in Taiwan. President of National Sun Yat-sen University Ying-Yao Cheng announced that the University, to support outstanding students, has allocated funds for scholarships for new students: up to NT$400,000 for undergraduates, up to NT$180,000 for master's students, and up to NT$1,080,000 for doctoral students, as well as for various scholarships for students from economically disadvantaged families to let students concentrate on their studies without fears of trouble in the rear.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Po-Chiao Lin pointed out that new students admitted through Multi-Star Project, individual admission (including the South Star Project), Special Admission Project, or due to sports achievements, who got the maximum score in any three subjects of the Department to which they were admitted, are eligible for an allowance of NT$400,000; those who got the maximum score in any two subjects, are eligible for an allowance of NT$50,000; students with outstanding academic performance admitted via Special Admission Project are eligible for an allowance of NT$30,000. 30% of students with the highest scores in the master program screening-based admission are eligible for an allowance of NT$60,000, and the top 10% admitted via master program exam-based admission will receive NT$40,000 each. Doctoral students admitted in accordance with NSYSU Guidelines on Scholarships for Outstanding Domestic Students to study at the University (Bachelor, Master's, and PhD) will be awarded a scholarship of NT$180,000 per semester (NT$30,000 per month) from the first to the sixth semester of study. Besides, students admitted through Southern Star Project: Si Wan Group or other admission channels who come from low and lower middle income families or indigenous families will be awarded an allowance of NT$250,000 for the four-year study period. New students admitted via the Southern Star Project (including Si Wan Group), who pass the evaluation in accordance with the Implementation Guidelines of NSYSU & TSMC Foundation’s Southern Star Project, are eligible for an allowance of NT$400,000 for the four-year study period.

“I was very surprised when I saw a NT$50,000 bank transfer from the University on my account!”, said a student of NSYSU Department of Finance Shih-Tien Lin. He said that in the past year he could experience the autonomy and diversity of student life and recommended students take advantage of the rich resources of the University. For him, the scholarship is also a fund that he can use to invest and learn in practice about the financial market. Student of the Department of Physics Chia-Hung Lin said that he hopes to work for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) after graduation. He said that master degree holders can submit their CV to TSMC but if one wants to be in a particular position and do a specific job, a PhD degree would be necessary, and thus as a sophomore, he already made his decision to pursue doctoral studies and applied for a 7-year fast-track doctoral program. “Besides providing a scholarship for the master program, the University offers a NT$1,080,000 scholarship for a three-year period of doctoral studies, that not only helps students cover their tuition fees and living expenses, but also save a little money to reduce the economic burden of their families.

NSYSU has established such diverse study tracks for students as the 5-year fast-track master program (4+1), the 7-year fast-track doctoral program (3+1+3), and direct admission to PhD program, relaxed thresholds for transfer within the University’s structures, enabled students to study minors and double majors across universities, integrated programs, offers domestic student exchange, encourages students to participate in various research and study opportunities and workshops, implements micro-credit course certification program for each student to become a highly-employable professional with problem-solving and innovation abilities and practical skills.

NSYSU has launched a comprehensive English-language education project to cultivate international-minded professionals. The University has been cooperating with 272 sister universities to offer student exchange programs, which encourages students to leave their comfort zone and take advantage of multiple admission channels to enhance their international mobility and become “shining stars of NSYSU.” NSYSU expects that all students can see the world from the campus and find one’s own place to be on the world map.
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