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Farming sustainability: NSYSU teams up with Laser Tek to promote organic agriculture in Kaohsiung


(Provided by Institute of Public Affairs Management) ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance) has become a key index in the evaluation of the sustainability of corporate management. The USR project of the College of Management at NSYSU and Laser Tek Taiwan, a local enterprise, collaborated on Yuan-Pin Organic Rice Farm, located in Qishan, and organized an event “Seed Summer: One Mu of Field” to respond to social and environmental issues in agriculture, combining USR with CSR to inject corporate resources into the local environment, strengthen the enterprise social influence, and establish a model of university-enterprise cooperation to promote social responsibility.

During the event, a so-called “rice field adoption ceremony” was held to symbolize bilateral cooperation. Laser Tek presented a “check” for rice field adoption to Yuan-Pin Organic Rice, who instead handed the “Laser Tek Rice" banner with logos of both sides to Laser Tek. Chairman of Laser Tek Gary Cheng said that both parties launched the “Laser Tek Rice” collaboration for the employees, customers, suppliers, and community members in need to enjoy healthy organic rice.

Associate Dean of the College of Management Jui-Kun Kuo pointed out that “Seed Summer: One Mu of Field” is an extension of CSR and innovation of the company (which held an agriculture-themed event in Qishan in 2020), and that it was planned by the USR team of the College. It included the “adoption” of the field by the enterprise, transplanting rice seedlings, and harvesting. The company adopted the rice field to support organic farming; the farmers have guaranteed revenue by selling high-quality agricultural products to the enterprise. During the collaboration, the company and the farmers could establish a partnership by participating in the rice-growing process. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, to comply with the epidemic prevention regulations, the USR team at the College rescheduled the rice transplanting event to July and invited Laser Tek Chairman Gary Cheng and manager Victor Chang to participate. Their work in the field was a demonstration of CSR actions, echoing a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Associate Dean Kuo further explained that the CSR cooperation of NSYSU and Laser Tek emphasized strengthening ties with the local community and connecting with the agricultural sector in rural areas. Laser Tek’s collaboration with Yuan-Pin Organic Rice Farm secures local organic farmers' income and supports healthy and organic agricultural production. The multi-lateral collaboration helped involve the local community and industry in Qishan and promote urban-rural exchange in Kaohsiung.

Chairman Gary Cheng said that from last year’s harvest to this year’s planting of rice seedlings is a symbol of the company's long-term commitment to CSR and continuous cooperation with local communities, as well as a hope for attracting more companies to join the environmental sustainability movement and promotion of the local development through corporate efforts. Manager of the Management Department Victor Chang mentioned that his unit is in charge of Laser Tek’s CSR work and that the events launched focused on sustainable development and continuous innovation, hoping to bring sustainability into the workplace and engaging co-workers to make CSR a part of the company’s DNA.

(Edited by Public Affairs Division)
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