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Taiwanese and Japanese scholars discuss philosophy of co-existence in The Transcultural Sino-Island: The Global Sinology Forum


Distinguished Professor of the Department of Chinese Literature (DCL) and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts Hsi-San Lai and Assistant Professor Mark Frederick McConaghy of DCL planned a series of events as part of The Transcultural Sino-Island Project and engaged in dialogue with the Director Takahiro Nakajima of the East Asian Academy for New Liberal Arts at the University of Tokyo, reflecting on the potential of the “philosophy of coexistence” in the East Asian classical philosophy from an East Asian perspective, discussing in-depth the globalization of a variety of contemporary issues and the universal significance of world history.

The session in English, “Chinese thought and East Asian cultural perspectives in world philosophy at the University of Tokyo”, covered a wide range of topics, including the situation in Taiwan under the US-China conflict, the class conflict in a capitalist society, the struggle for identity in the post-colonial world, the transcendence of ethnocentrism and linguism, and the biodiversity and environmental crisis brought by anthropocentrism. Director Takahiro Nakajima also introduced the multilingual teaching environment at the East Asian Academy for New Liberal Arts and looked forward to more exchanges with teachers and students from Taiwan and Korea in the future to discuss the universal significance of classical Eastern philosophy from the perspective of the East Asian community of common destiny.

Professors Hsi-San Lai and Mark Frederick McConaghy coordinate The Transcultural Sino-Island: The Global Sinology Forum at NSYSU, a benchmark project in humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education. The project utilizes the outstanding research capacity and teaching talent the University possess in the realm of sinological studies to establish the Forum for Global Sinology at NSYSU. The forum gathers outstanding Taiwanese Sinologists, as well as international sinologists who have been committed to teaching and research work in Taiwan for many years, and who have in-depth understanding of Taiwanese culture, to form a research community group imbued with the richness of Taiwan’s own humanistic tradition, one that sees Taiwan as a Transcultural Sino-Island, with both local and international characteristics.

In April 2021, The Transcultural Sino-Island Project celebrated the donation of 1200 English-language Sinology books collected through 30 years by a noted US Sinologist, Charles Horner. The books will be used for research and teaching in Global Sinology. Under this Project, NSYSU College of Liberal Arts and DCL, in collaboration with the Center for Chinese Studies of National Central Library, organized a series of events – Co-Existing Platform for Transcultural Sinology: An Online Guided Reading and Dialogue, inviting scholars from all over the world to join an intercultural dialogue on the thought in “Lao-Tze” and “Chuang Tzu: Discussion of the Equality of Things” in a series of 10 online events. From August to September, The Transcultural Sino-Island Project will organize 7 events as part of the Thinking the Republic of China: An International Symposium, inviting scholars from Canada, the USA, Japan, Taiwan, France, Hong Kong, and Macau to discuss a recent publication of noted Taiwanese Sinologist, Rur-Bin Yang, and explore the historical significance and cultural roots of Taiwan as an island for transcultural Sinology studies.

More events of The Transcultural Sino-Island: The Global Sinology Forum at NSYSU: https://www.facebook.com/GSFatNSYSU2021/
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