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2021 Top University Alliance English Language Camp for New Professors gathers 92 participants of NSYSU and KMU


(Provided by Teaching and Learning Development and Resources Center) NSYSU Teaching and Learning Development and Resources Center (TLDRC) organized the 2021 Top University Alliance English Language Camp for New Professors, gathering 92 professors of NSYSU and Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU), hoping to nurture team spirit through exchange and interaction, enhance new professors’ teaching abilities and research capacity, and let them gain more interdisciplinary thinking and perspective.

NSYSU Senior Vice President Shiow-Fon Tsay said that as the Top University Alliance enters its 10th year, both universities have collaboratively published nearly 2400 research papers and some were listed by Essential Science Indicators among the world’s top 1% most-cited papers in 3 out of 22 categories: Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology & Toxicology, and Chemistry. She hopes that through this event and exchange, new professors of both universities will gain more interdisciplinary thinking and perspective and integrate faster within the campus community, and in the future, become the core force of each discipline and give full play to their potential. KMU Senior Vice President Deng-Chyang Wu mentioned that KMU has 5 affiliated hospitals, rich resources, and in the future, both universities will have more talents cooperating and exchanging in the field of AI and biomedicine.

TLDRC explained that to bring together new faculty members of NSYSU and let them fulfill their full potential, 6 senior professors from NSYSU, KMU, and National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) were invited to share their experiences in academic ethics, teaching, research, and EMI (English Medium Instruction) teaching, hoping to inspire each other. Professor Shyh-Jer Chen of NSYSU Institute of Human Resource Management gave an interactive presentation on academic ethics and career development, encouraging the professors on site to express opinions and discuss. He mentioned that research needs to take both research literacy and ethics into account and that there are numerous unclear issues concerning citations and publication. Professor Chen interacted with the participating professors in a Q&A session and advised them to take precautions when doing research and writing papers.

Professor Chi-Cheng Cheng of NSYSU Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering gave a speech on “Being a Brave Teacher in a University”. He offered comprehensive advice concerning the syllabus, course requirements, course design, and topic difficulty and used the most popular abbreviation recently – “COVID” to remind the audience to be Creative, Open-Minded, Visionary, Interdisciplinary, and Determined. He shared his teaching experience, hoping that the audience would continue to advance their teaching skills in the future. Professor Yu-Chih Lin of KMU Department of Medical Humanities and Education shared his own experience and expertise to discuss the meaning behind ‘education’ and its importance for learning, professional identity, knowledge skills, and career.

Regarding the research experience, Professor Wei-Hsiang Chen of NSYSU Institute of Environmental Engineering, besides sharing his expertise and research milestones in water treatment and toxicological risk, advised the participating teachers to focus on the fields on the intersection of their expertise and interests when doing research and establish a bridge of communication with the students to let them grow. Professor Chai-Lin Kao of KMU Department of Medicinal and Applied Chemistry emphasized the importance of cooperation between students and teachers and advised the participants to stay open-minded in the future.

Professor Wen-Li Tsou of NCKU Foreign Languages & Literature Department shared her experience in teaching in English and explained the terminology related to bilingual teaching, such as EMI – English Medium Instruction, CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning, and ESP – English for Specific Purposes. She also mentioned the challenges, details, and goals of the government’s currently launched bilingual education policy at Taiwanese universities.

TLDRC organized the 2021 Top University Alliance English Language Camp for New Professors not only to enhance new professors’ teaching strategy, but also to let them gain insights on teaching, research, and service work, as well as personal rights and benefits, and make full use of the teaching resources. The Camp included lectures by the Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Personnel Services, the Office of Research and Development, and the Office of Global Industry-Academe Collaboration and Advancement on teachers’ rights and obligations to provide faculty members with a comprehensive perspective for their future teaching plans.

NSYSU Vice President for Academic Affairs Po-Chiao Lin said that the University is committed to creating a bilingual campus and teaching environment to connect with international standards. The Camp, recently organized by the Top University Alliance let the attending teachers grow professionally and improve teaching skills. He looks forward to them applying these skills to enhance their teaching, as well as improving students' overall English communication skills and international mobility. Lin also hopes that by investing in EMI teaching resources, the University will be able to recruit more top international teaching talents in the future, and together let the University become the best example of the key bilingual university of the Ministry of Education.

(Edited by Public Affairs Division)
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