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So Fun Yancheng: arts to connect community in post-epidemic era


(Provided by Humanity Innovation and Social Practice project) National Sun Yat-sen University organized “So Fun Yancheng” – a series of workshops; the first session – “When we are all in this together” in SinPinkPier recruited trainees from among female residents of Yancheng District from all generations, who created a space for women’s perspective and narrative on women, on family and motherhood under the epidemic via the Pure Buildings Theatre.

During the “When we are all in this together” session, the Pure Buildings Theatre invited the trainees to share what kind of impact did the epidemic level 3 alert have on their everyday life. Most of the them thought that although lockdown paused their lives and made them stay at home, they took this opportunity to spend quality time with their children and other family members. Some older participants said that they started to explore digital technology tools and participate in online courses to enrich their lives and gain new abilities.

The trainees were also asked to bring epidemic prevention items for the topic of “epidemic picture”. In groups, they demonstrated the usage and functions of each item in the form of a theatrical performance for others to guess. Many trainees brought innovative and convenient products, useful for protection in daily life under the pandemic, such as pens that can spray alcohol for disinfection or chlorine dioxide tablets that can be thrown into water bottles to make a disinfection solution. The workshop invited the owner of Soap Yancheng, a local business, to teach participants how to produce one’s own DIY natural hand soap, an indispensable item during the pandemic.

Postdoctoral researcher Kuo-Ming Hsu of the Humanity Innovation and Social Practice (HISP) project of the Ministry of Science and Technology said that in the past, community development emphasized connections between people, but with the advent of the post-epidemic era, how to accompany the community and participate in it have become important issues. The HISP project: Old Port Team hopes that So Fun Yancheng series can help university education take roots locally and open up new possibilities of humanistic innovation by exploring how theatre can build community relations in the post-epidemic era.

So Fun Yancheng workshop series was jointly planned by NSYSU HISP project: Old Port Team and Pure Buildings Theatre, under the leadership of Assistant Professor Shih-Hsiang Sung of the Program in Interdisciplinary Studies at Si Wan College, NSYSU. The series includes a total of 10 sessions held every other Saturday. The “Reflection in the port” session will be held on October 2. The residents of Yancheng District are welcome to participate!
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