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12 food delivery stations on campus established for convenience


(Report by student journalist) It is very convenient to wait for food delivery without having to leave the campus, however, the chaos caused by illegal parking also affects traffic safety. To solve this problem, NSYSU has established temporary parking areas for food deliverers on campus to avoid collisions, arbitrary parking, and to let students pick up meals in a more convenient and safe way.

The Campus Safety and Security Division, Office of General Affairs, NSYSU, planned 12 temporary parking areas on campus in both teaching and dormitory areas, including the Administration Building, College of Marine Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, and Wuling and Tsui Heng Villa Dormitories; the delivery locations are marked with flags. In addition, the team of the Campus Safety and Security Division also printed out a special campus map with temporary parking areas marked with numbers from 1 to 12, distributed by the security guards to the delivery staff who are not familiar with the campus map. It is also recommended for students and faculty to indicate the pickup location in accordance with the map and inform the delivery staff of the exact location when ordering meals.

In the past, delivery workers often could not find the precise delivery address, and there were even cases of food deliverers who, being in a hurry, crashed into the railing. To prevent such accidents from happening in the future, the Campus Safety and Security Division undertook related preventive measures. Director of the Campus Safety and Security Division Hung-Chin Wu said that many schools planned temporary parking areas at the entrance, however, considering the specific features of NSYSU campus, to make food delivery convenient for the students and faculty and maintain parking and traffic order, the University arranged temporary parking areas that will be modified flexibly in the future to reduce the risk of traffic accidents.

Mr. Chen, who often delivers meals to the NSYSU campus, said that having a fixed delivery spot makes things much easier for him and he is happy to follow the new rules. A junior of the Department of Business Administration Lo-Han Chen said that in the past, the delivery staff often did not know the location of her dormitory, and would park far away. Recently, she found out a flag marking the parking area for food deliverers in front of the girls' dormitory and another one in the teaching area. “That’s very considerate of the University!” she said.

Temporary parking areas for food deliverers have been established nearly a month ago. The person in charge of the planning, Wen-Pin Lu of the Campus Safety and Security Division said that consulting the security guards, he found that the problem of scattered scooters has improved and that even off-campus stores gave positive feedback on the project. Amendments will be implemented as a follow-up; teachers and students are welcome to provide suggestions.

(Edited by Public Affairs Division)

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