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NSYSU hosts exhibition on migrant workers’ life stories


(Provided by Institute of Public Affairs Management) National Sun Yat-sen University is the first place to host the roving exhibition “Voice of Migrants” that lets more people know the life stories of migrant workers and fulfill the University’s social responsibility. The USR Project of NSYSU College of Management helped with expanding the area of the exhibition curated by One-Forty, a Taiwanese NGO dedicated to the education and culture of migrant workers. The roving exhibition was supported by Taiwan Fu Hsing Culture & Education Foundation. The exhibition gathers over 1,500 photographs by migrant workers of various nationalities and will be available to visit until November 12 in the central corridor on the first floor of the Library Building.

The USR Project of NSYSU College of Management – Cooperative Empowerment and Extension Service facilitated the exhibition of the “Voice of Migrants” at NSYSU. Associate Dean of the College of Management Jui-Kun Kuo invited the CEO of Culture Affairs of the Taiwan Fu Hsing Culture & Education Foundation I-Ching Lin to present the exhibition in the central corridor; also, local partners visited the exhibition to better understand the life stories of migrant workers.

Associate Dean Kuo pointed out that the joint launching of the curatorial action combining local vision with art through cooperation with local enterprises brought the issue of migrant workers to the NSYSU campus for more students and faculty to better understand the features of community prosperity in Taiwan and to further promote multiple aspects of social care practice. Director I-Ching Lin said that the “Voice of Migrants” exhibition can break the stereotypes towards migrant workers and promote the integration of various ethnicities. The combination of NSYSU USR Project with the power of CSR by Taiwan Fu Hsing and non-profit organizations in Taiwan helped fulfill social responsibility and reduce inequalities between communities through communication and understanding in response to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 10 – Reduced Inequalities.

The USR Project of the College of Management has been cooperating with Taiwan Fu Hsing since 2020, hoping to combine USR with CSR to further local connections and social impact. Taiwan Fu Hsing Industrial Group was established in 1957 as a local enterprise in Gangshan and is one of the world's largest companies specializing in the design and manufacture of door control devices. In the past, the CSR projects implemented by Taiwan Fu Hsing usually included organizing arts and sports activities. This year, Taiwan Fu Hsing collaborated with NSYSU to focus its CSR efforts on local connections.

One-Forty is a nonprofit organization that focuses on migrant workers from Southeast Asia and is committed to educating migrant workers and organizing various cultural exchange activities on a regular basis for mutual understanding and communication between Taiwanese people and migrant workers from Southeast Asia.

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