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First Taiwan Cup National Sailing Championship at NSYSU to celebrate the opening of Sizihwan Marine Sports Center


The Sizihwan Marine Sports Center at National Sun Yat-sen University, supported by the funds of the Executive Yuan and the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, has recently been opened after two years of construction works. The Sizihwan Marine Sports Center, located by the bay and the beach, is not only a unique teaching venue among Taiwan’s universities but also a model base for water sports that aims to start a craze for marine sports.

The opening ceremony was witnessed by Hung-Ching Lu, the Chief Secretary of the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng, Marine Corps Commander Lieutenant General Jui-Lin Wang, Kaohsiung City Government Deputy Secretary-General Tien-Kuei Kuo, Deputy Director-General of Sports Development Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government Ting-Sung Hsieh, Deputy CEO of Taiwan International Ports Corporation Chin-Jung Wang, Member of the Executive Committee of Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee Wen-Ching Chu, Director General of the Republic of China Sailing Association Shuang-Chuan Chen, and Director Ming-Tsung Fang and Secretary-General Cheng-Feng Chan of the Sailing Committee of the Kaohsiung Municipal Athletics Federation. 2021 Taiwan Cup National Sailing Championship followed the opening ceremony of the brand new Sizihwan Marine Sports Center. According to NSYSU, the Championship gathered 187 contenders from 61 schools in 9 counties/cities. During the Championship, the contenders used special windsurfing boards with hydrofoil rudders compliant with the specifications of the Olympic Committee. With strong wind and waves, the strong competition between the contenders fighting for the first prize was very interesting to watch.

“NSYSU became the first university to organize the Taiwan Cup National Sailing Championship!” NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng pointed out that with Taiwanese people’s growing spending power and demand for sports, leisure, and healthy lifestyle, the sports industry has already developed into knowledge-based health industry. He hopes that the establishment of the Sizihwan Marine Sports Center can encourage people to get closer to the ocean and, with the correct techniques learned, they will be able to safely enjoy water activities and try out different sports; the Center can help fulfill the growing potential of the water sports industry in Taiwan. Sizihwan Marine Sports Center can become a model water sports base that will hopefully fulfill the vision of Taiwan as a hub for marine sports.

NSYSU’s Sizihwan Marine Sports Center has two floors and a total area of 1,190 m2. It hosts the Recreation Information Center, Center for Continuing Education, multi-functional classroom, a security center, and a first-aid room. With the resources of the University, it will organize courses in windsurfing, sailing, and dugout canoeing and it is expected that in the future, during winter and summer vacations, the Center will organize camps and courses in water activities, as well as support the training of contenders from elementary and middle schools in Kaohsiung City. By collaborating with the industry, the Center will join other marine recreation activities and engage local resources, and starting from NSYSU, it looks forward to expanding to nationwide teaching, training, and promotion of water activities.

Sizihwan Marine Sports Center has an excellent location on NSYSU campus, with convenient transportation. It will let more people fall in love with water sports by letting them get a glimpse of marine sports competitions and try out water activities. As Sizihwan is a famous scenic area with an open harbor that lies close to the mountains, it has better and more challenging wind conditions than other water areas in Taiwan. By watching the Championship, sea sports enthusiasts from all walks of life could experience the excitement and visual beauty of different water sports.
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