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Christmas party to bid farewell to international exchange students at NSYSU


(Provided by Office of International Affairs) Office of International Affairs (OIA) at NSYSU organized a series of Christmas activities for international exchange students and their study buddies to enjoy the festive atmosphere before returning to their home universities in January next year. The students joined an afternoon series of activities and bid farewell to NSYSU.

The Christmas celebrations started with a language exchange session. In small groups, exchange students shared the Christmas traditions in their home countries and their mother languages. The discussions let the students practice English listening and speaking, learn from each other, broaden their horizons, and learn languages.

The afternoon continued with a Christmas wreath-making workshop. The exchange students said that they had never made a Christmas wreath even though it is a very common holiday decoration and were excited to make their own wreath.

The Christmas party and gift exchange were organized by NSYSU Student Ambassadors and were held at an outdoor restaurant at the Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No.2. Exchange students sharing their experiences was the highlight of the party. Adam Malecek from the Czech Republic expressed his gratitude to OIA for helping the students come to Taiwan under the pandemic to study. Paul Servonnat and Camille Janin from France were thankful for OIA’s tremendous support during the quarantine period, for daily necessities, and mental support. They also expressed much appreciation to OIA and the Chinese Language Center for organizing cultural activities for them to experience Taiwanese culture in-depth and to fall in love with the people of Taiwan.

Vice President for International Affairs Dr. Chih-Wen Kuo encouraged students to seek future opportunities to come back and discover more of the beauty of Taiwan and welcomed them to come back for post-graduate studies.
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