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Corporate-academia cooperation for net-zero emissions action


(Provided by Institute of Public Affairs Management) NSYSU College of Management and Laser Tek Taiwan collaborated to contribute to global climate action by organizing the Laser Tek Net Zero Strategy Workshop: in Dialogue with NSYSU, inviting Laser Tek’s President, managers, and employees responsible for energy management, as well as 40 students of the course in Writing of Corporate Social Responsibility Reports at NSYSU Institute of Public Affairs Management (IPAM). Under the guidance of Edison Wang, the General Director of Leadership, taking Laser Tek as an example, the participants engaged in practical exchange and learning and formulated specific recommendations for future planning of environmental sustainability measures in the company. This academic-corporate collaboration is expected to not only help enterprises become familiar with the application of ESG-related concepts but also to nurture CSR talents at NSYSU and enhance students' future employment opportunities and competitiveness.

Associate Dean of the College of Management Professor Jui-Kun Kuo, who is also the moderator of the Corporate Sustainability and Regional Revitalization Co-Learning Program, pointed out that since last year, the College of Management has been working with local companies to provide students with an opportunity to practice CSR report writing; the students jointly completed the first sustainability report with Laser Tek. This year, in response to the issues of climate change, the course further collaborated with Laser Tek to explore the development of a net-zero carbon emissions strategy, allowing students to gain practical experience through action learning, and enabling more stable and steady future operation of corporate partners.

President of Laser Tek Taiwan Gary Cheng, who is an alumnus of NSYSU, said that Laser Tek employees of all tiers are very concerned about promoting sustainability: no not only do they focus on ESG but also undertake practical action. The cooperation between USR and CSR gave the company a clearer direction in social responsibility. To properly thank Laser Tek Taiwan for two years of collaboration with NSYSU on multiple aspects of social responsibility in the form of courses, professional internships in business management, and CSR projects, Dean of the College of Management Professor San-Yih Hwang presented a gratitude letter to Laser Tek Taiwan. He said that the cooperation with enterprises complements students' knowledge learned from books and that by collaborating with the private sector, students can understand the impact of climate change on the industry from the perspective of business operations, as well as the actual needs of the industry.

The workshop began with a presentation by Laser Tek Taiwan on energy saving and carbon reduction measures in the company and was followed by a review of Laser Tek's sustainability report by students from NSYSU College of Management, who provided suggestions on corporate carbon reduction measures from the perspective of Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Lastly, the Leadership company concluded the session with a summary on how companies can meet the international trends in carbon reduction and respond to global climate change. Edison Wang, the General Director of Leadership, said that Laser Tek’s good performance in corporate governance not only has laid a solid foundation for companies to promote ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) but also provided a good case study for students to learn about emerging green management techniques and respond to environmental sustainability issues and international standards.

Yuan-Ting Wang, a student of NSYSU IPAM, said that she was impressed by the first-hand information and industry perspectives she learned from the corporate sector during the course. Another student of IPAM, Yueh-Tzu Lu mentioned that usually, when working for government agencies, one has little to do with CSR and practical exercises during the course helped her apply relevant knowledge to future work planning. Ya-Chi Chan, a master student of Business Management at NSYSU, said that being able to actually participate in CSR work will definitely have a positive effect on her future career, and she is grateful to the University and the company for providing her with this valuable opportunity.

The Financial Supervisory Commission has recently announced the Guidelines on Climate-related Financial Disclosures of Insurance Companies, requiring banks and insurers to include financial disclosures related to climate risk in their sustainability reports for the previous year starting from 2023. This is a sign that the issue of carbon reduction is not only an international trend but also a regulatory requirement in Taiwan. Climate change adaptation and risk management have become important professional abilities required of corporate talent.

(Edited by Public Affairs Division)
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