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NSYSU and KMU tie collaboration in political psychology


(Provided by Institute of Political Science) NSYSU Institute of Political Science (IPS) and Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) Positive Psychology Center tied an interdisciplinary collaboration, signing a letter of intent on cooperation. In the future, both universities will integrate both disciplines to research human nature, organize academic events: study groups, seminars, workshops, conferences, and invite researchers of both universities to give talks and form research teams.

IPS has been focusing on interdisciplinary innovation in recent years, ranging from international affairs to human nature, and has been actively expanding the group of its collaboration partners. IPS Director Professor Cheng-Shan Frank Liu said that political science is the study of how to bring wellbeing to people, while political psychology is concerned with people’s social and collective life. The continued promotion of cross-disciplinary dialogue and substantive exchange at the IPS echoes the recent trend of the rise of new subfields in political science, and the establishment of this collaborative model will create an opportunity for both institutions to connect internationally in the field of political psychology.

The Positive Psychology Center at KMU is the only positive psychology research center in Taiwan that attempts to expand the reach of psychology. Director of the Center Hsiang-Yi Wu pointed out that positive psychology is a new emerging field in psychology with great potential for application. The Center has a rather practical orientation, inviting professionals of the industry to conduct workshops and study groups, and guide the students to expand the application of psychology. This year, the Center has been interviewed by popular science and management magazines, indicating that both the academic and corporate sectors are beginning to notice the importance of positive mindset in organizational management.

Director Liu said that the two fields – politics and psychology emphasize “collective and personal well-being, respectively,” and this convergence and exchange will bring sparks and innovation and hopefully turn Kaohsiung into a base for research on well-being, combining the fields of political science and psychology, and providing a broader cross-disciplinary learning platform for faculty and students interested in political psychology.

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