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Literary Conference in tribute to Hakka novelists Chung Li-Ho and Chung Tie-Min triggers interdisciplinary analysis


(Provided by College of Liberal Arts) National Sun Yat-sen University co-organized Impressions of 300 Years of Literature from Liudui: A Literary Conference in Tribute to Chung Li-Ho and His Son Chung Tie-Min, inviting scholars from Great Britain and Japan to give keynote speeches. In particular, the Conference featured the theatrical performance of “Home Town. On the road” (Original title: 原鄉.在路上), showing that the literary memory of Chung Li-Ho is not only transmitted through paper and ink but has a more far-reaching literary power.

The Conference took on an interdisciplinary approach to analyze the works by Chung Li-Ho and his son Chung Tie-Min and study their network of social relationships. During the Conference, Professor Tommy McClellan of the University of Edinburgh and Professor Noriyuki Sawai of Kyoto Koka Women's University gave keynote speeches online, sharing their experience working on the literature by Chung Li-Ho and its translation to foreign languages. Ten speakers presented their papers discussing the works of Chung Li-Ho and Chung Tie-Min from different perspectives, including works such as "After the Rain” (雨後) and "Bamboo Hat Hill Farm" (笠山農場). A comprehensive panel discussion was conducted by Chung Tieh-Chun, director of Chung Li-Ho Museum and Hsin-Yu Wang, researcher of Chung Li-Ho Culture and Education Foundation, who shared their writing experience and vision of Hakka literature under the theme of "Cultivating the Seeds of Hakka Literature". The participants engaged in a heated discussion, joined by teachers of NSYSU Department of Chinese Literature: Associate Professor Ching-Wen Luo, Assistant Professors Chih-Wei Chung, and Pei-Hsuan Lai, and Director of the Institute of Philosophy Wan-I Yang, focusing on cross-cultural and cross-boundary exchange.

Another highlight of the Conference was the performance of the play “Home Town. On the road”. Director of the Center for the Humanities at NSYSU Walter Hsu selected key chapters from Chung Li-Ho's original novels, such as "Uncle Ah-Huang" (阿煌叔), "My Native Land” (原鄉人), "Poor Couple" (貧賤夫妻), "Oleander" (夾竹桃) and "Chung Lee-Ho's Diary" (鍾理和日記), and rearranged them into a play. The play was directed by Assistant Professor Shih-Hue Tu of NSYSU Department of Theater Arts and led by outstanding students of Theatre Arts and professional young theatre workers from Kaohsiung. Important choices and reflections on Chung Li-Ho's life were presented to contemporary audiences in the form of theatre, showing the ups and downs of Chung's life, witnessing the cruelty of his times, yet giving hope for the redemption of humanity through the power of his words.

The Conference was co-organized by the Center for the Humanities at NSYSU, Council for Hakka Affairs of Kaohsiung City Government, Meinung People's Culture and Education Foundation, and Chung Li-Ho Culture and Education Foundation. The Conference aims at laying a deep foundation for literary thinking through its influence and benefits, and encourage young people to participate and stimulate the literary creation in Liutui, for Liutui and Hakka literature to continue into the next 300 years.

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