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MOE approves NSYSU’s application for establishment of 2 semiconductor-related research institutes


National Sun Yat-sen University submitted the proposal for the National Key Areas Research College to establish the Institute of Advanced Semiconductor Packaging and Testing and the Institute of Precision Electronic Components in November 2021. The proposal followed the establishment of semiconductor-related research institutes focusing on IC design and fabrication by four top universities in Taiwan in 2021. The University recently received approval from the Ministry of Education (MOE) for the National Key Areas Research College, thus completing the puzzle's final piece. According to NSYSU, the Institute of Advanced Semiconductor Packaging and Testing plans to recruit 80 students annually, and the Institute of Precision Electronic Components plans to recruit 40 students. In the first 10-year period, the institutes will cultivate nearly a thousand talents in science and technology talents for key industries. The application period will be open in April, the entrance exams will take place in May, the results will be announced in June, and the semester will start in September.

"NSYSU will take on the responsibility of cultivating international talents for the semiconductor industry!" NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng pointed out that the demand for industrial talents in the development of key national fields has its timeliness and urgency. The University's plan in talent cultivation and research capacity shall fulfill the needs of various industries in time, transforming knowledge into action. As a leading academic institution, NSYSU has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities in line with the national policy by assisting industries in the Greater Kaohsiung area with upgrading and development. In addition, the University has integrated seven international benchmark companies in the supply chain of semiconductor packaging and testing and electronic components around Kaohsiung to jointly cultivate talents for the innovative industries.

Senior Vice President of NSYSU I-Yu Huang said that the National Key Areas Research College at NSYSU has a combination of industry professionals and university faculty members working together to develop a curriculum with research fields that meet industrial development needs. Cooperating companies contribute partial funding and provide internship opportunities for students to develop abilities to meet the needs of key industries and fulfill the shortage of talents in the semiconductor packaging and testing, and electronic components industries; thus, companies can maintain their position as global leaders.

Vice President Huang expressed his gratitude to the MOE interdepartmental review committee for the acknowledgment and joint funding from government and cooperating companies. In the future, the National Key Areas Research College at NSYSU will adopt a 1+2 academic year system with scholarships from cooperating companies in the hope of recruiting excellent students with a background in science and technology to join the key areas national team. In addition to 18 credits of required courses, students are expected to complete practical internship courses of 27 credits within the three years of the master's program.

In addition, the industry and academia will work together to formulate research topics geared toward industrial development in reducing the gap between knowledge and practice. Also, by taking advantage of the advanced facilities of the cooperating companies, students can study without financial burden and become employed immediately after graduation.
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