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NSYSU, Kaohsiung City Government transform Renwu campus into recreational area for Chinese New Year


National Sun Yat-sen University joined hands with Kaohsiung City Government to establish the Renwu campus and welcome the Year of the Tiger by opening its green area to visitors. Through clever landscape planning, the City Government has transformed the 24-hectare Renwu campus of NSYSU into a new scenic spot for the public to relax and enjoy flowers before Chinese New Year celebrations.

NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng expressed his gratitude to the team of the City Government for their assistance in planting trees and flowers, paving trails and landscaping the Renwu campus. The public is highly concerned about the development of the campus, which is to house NSYSU’s College of Medicine. Besides applying for the establishment of the School of Post-Baccalaureate Medicine, the University has also applied to the City Government for the construction of the first medical teaching building. New students can get enrolled next year as the latest. He pointed out that the establishment of the campus in Renwu is of great significance, especially for local residents, as it improves their quality of life.

Deputy Mayor of Kaohsiung Che Shih said that NSYSU’s Renwu campus has a total area of around 24 hectares and that the newly planted greenery makes of it a “central park”. With the increasing population in Renwu District and the construction of industrial parks, the demand for recreational space is increasing day by day, so every piece of green space is very valuable. To enjoy this beautiful place with the residents and provide a recreational area, the team of the City Government accelerated their pace and completed the greening of the campus, planted trees, enhanced the trail network and created a grassland of flowers. In particular, to welcome the people who return home and travelers and to set the atmosphere of celebration for the New Year, in the central grassland were placed Pangola grass scrolls and an art installation showing lucky tigers to celebrate enthusiasm, harvest, and the beauty of Kaohsiung during the Chinese New Year period.

The Maintenance Office of Kaohsiung City Government further explained that the Renwu campus and Weiwuying Metropolitan Park had both been military camps for new recruits that have been repurposed into educational areas and parks. Weiwuying Metropolitan Park triplex was revitalized thanks to the Fengshan Midtown Project, and the Renwu campus, with its beautiful greenery, was transformed into a recreational area. In addition, to provide more recreational space for local residents in Renwu, the City Government sought permission from the Armaments Bureau to provide 16 hectares of forest green space on the north side of the park for public use, and also made plans to create a bright and airy urban forest bathing area. In the future, the park will be integrated with NSYSU Renwu campus to become a 40-hectare green space to serve local residents. With the establishment of the Renwu Industrial Park and NSYSU Renwu campus, Renwu District is gradually becoming a more and more livable place and thus, besides being a hub for medical studies, it will also be a high-quality living area.

To welcome Chinese New Year festivities and let residents walk around the sea of colorful flowers and large rolls of grass, the central turf is decorated with sunflowers and winter grasses such as salvia, snapdragon, and dwarf petunia. The red flower carpet forms the image of tiger’s claws, bringing a different kind of visual experience to the public.
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