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Ministry of Education authorizes NSYSU’s application for the establishment of School of International Finance


National Sun Yat-sen University has been authorized by the Ministry of Education to establish the School of International Finance on the mission to cultivate international financial talents after applying last year. Finance is an essential and crucial research area in Taiwan. According to NSYSU, the School of International Finance has been collaborating with 22 financial institutions across Taiwan to frame up the Institute of Global Asset Management in advance and will also offer microprograms in Sustainable Finance and Digital Finance for students to choose from across different disciplines. As developing, the School of International Finance will catalyze entire programs of Sustainable Finance and Digital Finance with specified master degrees awarded in the future. The School will start accepting applications at the end of March, hold entry assessment in April, and deliver teaching in June.

According to NSYSU, the Institute of Global Asset Management provides practical financial modules for intermediate executives in the financial sector, government regulatory bodies, and upstream, midstream, and downstream companies of the technology industry, “who have at least three years of relevant industry experience with a minimum TOEIC score of 850 or equivalent.” The program will be taught entirely in English. The courses will explore business innovative model in practice and build a more diversified professional knowledge and practical skills in finance. In addition, NSYSU will provide approximately NT$ 2 million (approximately US$ 75,000) in scholarships each year. Furthermore, the School of International Finance will select outstanding students to study abroad at such famous universities, as New York University, London School of Economics and Political Science, London Business School, and National University of Singapore.

"In line with national policies, NSYSU will build a strong national team of international finance for Taiwan!” NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng emphasized that in confronting the impact of financial technology and the tides of international financial liberalization, the demand of advanced international financial talents has increased sharply. The School of International Finance upholds the educational philosophy of “cultivating international talents” and trains students oriented at “problem-solving, independent learning, and sustainability.” The School of International Finance consists of the Institute of Global Asset Management as the core and integrates courses of Sustainable Finance and Digital Finance in the aim to integrate learning with application, implement innovative business models, and strengthen global perspectives to cultivate international mobility and abilities, such as advanced financial product design and development and international asset management.

NSYSU Senior Vice President Shiow-Fon Tsay said that the School of International Finance is recruiting international faculty members who have practical experience and talent in advanced finance, such as Wall Street hedge funds and supervising body of the International Monetary Fund, etc. As a result, the School has pinned its curricula with the critical roles of international asset management professionals as its root and focuses on innovative financial development concepts and practices. In addition, a two-year hands-on business innovative modelling course allows students to explore and define business problems through learning and practice, and then investigate and solve problems in business innovative model encountered by the industry and the financial sector.

Senior Vice President Tsai further expressed that the School of International Finance provides outstanding students with opportunities to exchange in Taiwan and abroad to strengthen international talents. Students from the industry will have the opportunity to work with those who have advanced financial or regulatory backgrounds to frame up the innovative business models for the new-generation financial industry. The University expects that an international learning environment could help cultivate students with a creative vision, global mobility, and the ability to design and develop high-end financial products. It will also equip financial institutions' international operation and management with talents to make Taiwan a center of capital transaction and high-end asset management in Asia.
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