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NSYSU Sports Day holds first canoe relay competition


Learning is not to be confined to the classroom walls! It has been the fourth year that National Sun Yat-sen University exchanges classrooms for the track field for one day, organizing the Sports Day. This year, in addition to the competition routine and creative opening parade, the most awaited by students and teachers was the canoe relay race, held for the first time.

NSYSU Vice President for Student Affairs Ching-Li Yang said that with the construction of Sizihwan Marine Center complete, NSYSU Sports Day included the canoe relay race for the first time this year. The relay race included three round trips: single kayaks race, double kayaks, and single kayaks again, with the fastest team winning. It was not only a test of physical ability and speed, but also teamwork. Most of the participants who signed up for the race did it for the experience, as they hadn’t tried sea canoeing before. The Physical & Health Division will organize sea activities routinely in the future to let more people to fall in love with sports. The support of Sizihwan Marine Center can let the University get closer to the ocean.

Nearly 200 people competed in the canoe relay race on the sea. The weather was sunny with slight waves. Some teams capsized, but this did not diminish their determination to win: they continued to fight through the waves. In the student category, the difference between the first and second place winners was less than 3 seconds. In the faculty and staff category, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts Hsi-San Lai said that he led his College’s colleagues to form a team as he had experience canoeing on the sea. “We need to let others experience it!”. His team won the second prize.

NSYSU Senior Vice President Shiow-Fon Tsay said that this year, NSYSU has been pleased to announce the approval of the establishment of the School of Post-Baccalaureate Medicine for public-financed students, the College of Semiconductor and Advanced Technology Research, and the School of International Finance. In the future, there will be 10 colleges at NSYSU. The Sports Day saw the debut of the administrative units in the creative parade, besides the faculty and students participating. This symbolized the unity of the University and the expectation for it reaching new milestones.
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