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2022 Sunshine Art Festival starts now


(Provided by Art Center) This year’s Sunshine Art Festival at NSYSU is themed "Art Collection", which represents the meeting between Eastern and Western classics. The Festival gathers representative and well-known arts and cultural groups that blend Eastern and Western classics to perform and promote the University’s humanistic capacity – it will also include lectures and programs in cooperation with related departments and societies of NSYSU.

The program of the 2022 Sunshine Art Festival includes nearly 30 items, such as master lectures, diverse speeches, exquisite plucked strings concert series, classical dramas such as xiangsheng and Taiwanese opera, Western classical music, crossing arts, theatrical performances by NSYSU students, and screenings by the Sunset Bay Film Festival.

Also, the resident orchestra on campus Baroque Camerata will deliver three excellent performances – “True Colors of Vivaldi”, “L’inspiration de Bach”, and “French Baroque”. The program also includes the 2022 6th Steinway Youth Piano Competition, letting young artists make their debut on an international stage, Liang-Yu Lin Jazz Quartet with dancer Yu-Hsien Hsueh presenting “Dancing mist in the forest”, Shilie Louis Tsou performing a guitar recital – "Moonlight”, and Lisa Ono giving “Live in Taiwan” performance with her healing jazz voice.

NSYSU Art Center brings together the arts and culture capacity in Southern Taiwan and has been dedicated to the promotion of arts and humanities long-term, hoping that arts and humanities can be a vector for communication to build bridges between generations and bring people closer to each other. The 2022 Sunshine Art Festival will last until May 21; all students and faculty are welcome to join its numerous activities.

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