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NSYSU organizes UK-Taiwan Joint Hybrid Seminar to discuss future of telecommunications


(Provided by Institute of Communications Engineering) The Institute of Communications Engineering at NSYSU, the British Office Taipei, and the Ministry of Science and Technology organized the UK-Taiwan Joint Hybrid Seminar, both online and on-site, inviting Taiwanese and British scholars of the field of telecommunications to discuss 6G wireless networks, deep learning, 5G standardization and future trends, antenna systems, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. The Seminar attracted over a hundred participants.

Director General of the Department of Engineering and Technologies of the Ministry of Science and Technology Dr. Chih-Peng Li pointed out that as 5G is rolling out commercially, research on 6G has also been launched extensively. Various artificial intelligence-assisted methods, such as deep learning, have been widely used in the research on 6G systems. Through this Seminar, Dr. Li hopes to strengthen the academic collaboration between Taiwan and the UK. Head of the Economic and Prosperity Section of the British Office Taipei Mr. Michael Watters said that whether in 6G, AI, or other future innovative technologies, he hopes that Taiwan and the UK can cooperate even more closely. He also encouraged Taiwanese and UK researchers to participate in the UKTW I2P project of the British Office Taipei for short-term research visits and exchange in the field of innovation and technology.

The coverage of the Seminar is diverse including following topics: Professor Y.-W. Peter Hong of National Tsing Hua University and Professor Rob Maunder of the University of Southampton presented research results in deep learning, Professor Tzu-Ming Lin of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) gave a speech on 5G standards development and future trends, and Professor Kai-Kit Wong of University College London shared his research results on Fluid Antenna Systems. Professor Shin-Lin Shieh, Chair of Department of Communication Engineering of National Taipei University, shared his research results on satellite Internet of Things services and Professor Faheem Khan of the University of Huddersfield from the UK discussed the research on artificial intelligence in 6G networks.

Director of NSYSU Institute of Communications Engineering, Professor Wan-Jen Huang said that the Potential International Communications Research Team, comprised of faculty members in the Institute of Communications Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering, has dedicated long-term efforts to the research and development on next-generation communication systems such as 5G, B5G and 6G with the financial support of NSYSU Higher Education Sprout Project. In recent years, the team have been awarded funding of several projects under the Key Technology in the Next-Generation Communication Systems R&D Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology and achieved noteworthy results. She believes that this Taiwan-UK seminar will build more international cooperation and enhance the visibility of the research groups.

(Edited by Public Affairs Division)
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