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The Center for Advanced Powertrain and Green Energy grand opening for the future of clean power

National Sun Yat-sen University announced its launch of the Center for Advanced Powertrain and Green Energy, which will collaborate with local companies to develop clean energy applications, and raise academia-industry professionals. As one of the grand opening events, Clean Powertrain Conference, was hosted in NSYSU, with attendees from industries, public affairs and schools to discuss the opportunities of green power.

“The innovation of motor vehicles manufacturing has been pioneering in Taiwan. The domestic demand and global market business is performing well. With growth of the market of electric vehicles, it is time to put more effort in clean energy technology.“ says Lee Cho-Yu, Director of the center. “The center delivers significant progress on the study of battery safety evaluation as well as designing and manufacturing motors/generators. We also conduct projects of battery heat transfer, thermal runaway and AI-applied battery life evaluation, collaborating with industries.

In addition, seeing petrol still remains the fuel type by far the largest market size, the center has been paying close attention to improving combustion efficiency and emission, looking for clean energy alternatives, and hydrogen fuel cells technology. The mission is to integrate resources from schools and industries, and land the competitive edge of the motor system topics.

Lee also expressed gratitude to the effort of Peng Jhao-Wei, Chair of Department of Mechanical and Electro-mechanical Engineering, leading the faculties to facilitate the center. The department has collaborated with KYMKO, admitted to the MOST’s Academia-Industry Collaboration programs, to develop smart surveillance technology of battery safety and motor systems. It is the milestone of initiating a long-term relationship with local companies. The center will also incorporate members of master and doctoral programs in varied academia-industry projects, expecting more engineering and verification professionals to contribute in the field of green energy.

On the grand opening day, lecturers were invited to the Clean Powertrain Conference to share their thoughts of the clean energy concept and applications. Lee Cho-Yu, Director of the center talked about the advantages and challenges of double spark plugs deployment. Peng Wen-Yang, Deputy General Director of MSL, ITRI, gave the speech titled “The opportunities and challenges of clean energy in commercial UAV”. Lin Yu-Ting, Engineer of MIRDC discussed the heavy load suspension design of three-wheeled motorbikes. The attendees includes Wang Chua-Chin, Vice President for Research & Development NSYSU, Fan Chun-I, Dean of the College of Engineering NSYSU, and guests from ITRI, MIRDC, KYMCO, AEON, PGO Scooters, Hartford, Faraday Motor, Anglia, Sinpro Electronics, Depurate Taiwan Environmental Technology, WINSMEX, FEV, STL technology.
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