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The Department of Chemistry held a Taiwan-Philippines Bilateral Chemical Symposium online, with more than 500 teachers and students participating



(Provided by Department of Chemistry) In response to the New Southbound Policy promotion project, the NSYSU Department of Chemistry and the Philippines have been deeply involved for a long time, gathering the strength of the faculty and student groups to conduct talents and research exchanges with the Philippines. Due to the epidemic, the 2022 Taiwan-Philippines Bilateral Chemical Symposium was held online via Webex for the first time, attracting more than 500 Filipino scholars, professors and students to participate.


The NSYSU Department of Chemistry pointed out that this symposium is divided into two parts. The first part is the Keynote and Oral Presentations session. Five professors, three graduate students from the Department of Chemistry, and five professors from the Philippines share their personal research. The topics include organic compounds, molecular reactions, green energy and redox mechanisms, etc. Through cross-international exchanges, discussions and sharing of the latest professional knowledge in different fields, hoping to strengthen southbound cooperation and attract more outstanding emerging talents to study and exchange in Taiwan.


The second part was the poster competition, with a total of 27 Filipino students participating. The display of NSYSU map via Gather Town, international people can understand the resources and learning fields of NSYSU and the Department of Chemistry, and the chemistry poster competition has been moved online, allowing presenters and professors to share research results to enhance academic exchanges. In the advanced virtual field, the avatar replaces participants to experience and participate in activities, making the interaction cross borders and become more active and realistic. Under the enthusiastic response with Filipino scholars and students, the characteristics and enthusiasm of NSYSU Department of Chemistry are carried forward.


The organizer of the Symposium, Assistant Professor Hsuan-Hung Liao of the NSYSU Department of Chemistry, mentioned that the flight time between Kaohsiung and Manila is less than two hours. Through this conference, more outstanding Filipino students can see the excellence of NSYSU, hoping that NSYSU will become a gathering place for Filipino high-quality talents in the future. Assistant Professor Cheng-Chau Chiu in charge of the poster competition, said that the restrictions of the epidemic have generated many new ideas, so he also tried to hold a poster exhibition on the virtual campus of NSYSU in the Gather Town, which was constructed by the Office of Academic Affairs, allowing foreign participants to experience the beauty of Sizihwan.


The 2022 Taiwan-Philippines Bilateral Chemical Symposium is hosted by the Department of Chemistry. With the assistance of the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of International Affairs, the Symposium successfully presents the appearance of NSYSU in Gather Town, adding a new dimension to the exchange of academic talents. Through the power of technology and internet, stunning Taiwan and the Philippines in a creative way and enhancing the bilateral higher education reciprocity cooperation. Conference URL: https://sites.google.com/view/2022chem-twph/home?authuser=0


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