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National Sun Yat-sen University and Lithuania jointly develop high-power thin disk laser system, the first industry-academia achievement


The first industry-academia achievement of Taiwan-Lithuania collaboration is released! With the financial support of the National Science Council, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU) research team has recently built and verified the first high-power thin-disk laser (TDL) by combining the cutting, grinding, polishing and coating technologies of domestic universities, enterprises and Lithuanian laser companies, attracting the chairman of the Lithuanian Laser Association, Gediminas Račiucaitis to visit NSYSU in person. In addition to assisting Taiwan and Lithuania in bilateral laser research field, both sides also hope to enhance Taiwan's research and development capabilities in the crystal material industry, laser processing and testing, creating a win-win situation together.

Paulius Lukauskas, the first Lithuanian representative in Taiwan, arrived a few days ago to assume his new position. In the Lithuanian delegation, Gediminas Račiucaitis, the chairman of the Lithuanian Laser Association, went to NSYSU for a three-day in-depth visit. Accompanied by professor of the Department of Materials and Optoelectronic Science and the Vice President for International Affairs, Mitch Ming-Chi Chou, they visited the Crystal Research Center in NSYSU and the center for the Ultrafast High-Power Laser and High-Speed Photonics Measurement in the Department of Photonics of NSYSU, including the laboratories of crystal growth, optoelectronic technology and materials diagnosis, theoretical optoelectronic, and optoelectronic modulation laboratory, etc. The discussions between the two sides not only covered laser and crystal material technology and the development to promote the related industries, but also exchanged explanations during student demonstrations and experiments, helping the cooperation and talent cultivation between NSYSU optoelectronics and materials team and the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology in Lithuania.

The Lithuanian laser industry and related technology applications are at the forefront of the world. The research team of NSYSU, including professor Mitch Ming-Chi Chou in the Department of Materials and Optoelectronic Science, professor Chao-Kuei Lee and associate professor Yuan-Yao Lin in the Department of Photonics, and professor Te-yuan Chung in National Central University, cooperated with enterprises for developing a TDL recently, which is the first industry-academia achievement in Taiwan and Lithuania, attracting the chairman of the Lithuanian Laser Association to visit Taiwan for exchanging the ideas and discussion of laser technologies. Mitch Ming-Chi Chou pointed out that the TDL is an important high-power laser. Although the size is small, the geometrical shape can provide high heat dissipation for high optical power output, leading to a wide range of applications and the technology challenge. During this visit, Dr. Račiucaitis put forward many valuable suggestions including heat dissipation, coating and crystal wafer bonding. He also visited the related experiments on "optical angular momentum (OAM) laser" of associate professor Yuan-Yao Lin in the Department of Photonics and "High-speed characterization in silicon photonics and photonic integration" of Associate Dean Yi-Jen Chiu in the College of Engineering.

In early 2022, NSYSU established the “Taiwan and Lithuania Center for Semiconductors and Materials Science” in the Lithuanian FTMC Center. The research topics of the center focus on "laser cutting of next-generation compound semiconductors" and "development of high-power TDL crystals", etc., and combine the respective strengths of NSYSU's crystal growth technology and Lithuania's laser technology to jointly develop advanced laser system.

As the only university entrusted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to cooperate with Lithuania's universities in the “Taiwan-Lithuania Semiconductor Talent and Research Scholarship Program (STAR Program)”, NSYSU has signed MOUs and a Joint Statement with three top ranking Lithuanian universities: Vilnius University (VU), Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH), and Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). NSYSU has sent 6 students to study in Lithuania for exchange and received 4 Lithuanian students to study in NSYSU so far this year.
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