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Si Wan College has created an all-English environment called the International Youth Forum at National Sun Yat-Sen University


(Provided by Si Wan College) In order to actively improve local students' English ability and encourage the integration of international students on campus, the Center for EMI Teaching Excellence of Si Wan College, National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU), held the first event of the International Youth Forum series with the theme of "What's New and Unique in the World”. Foreign students from different countries such as the United States, Guatemala, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, participated together with Taiwanese students, actively discussing and sharing their thoughts about recent changes in their hometown environment, and the interaction was lively.

The forum was hosted by Thomas Hayward, Assistant Professor of NSYSU Si Wan College. Dr. Virginia Shen, Chief Executive Officer of the NSYSU Center for EMI Teaching Excellence, said that the innovative, diverse and lively English enrichment activities planned by the center's "Si Wan International Salon" aim to provide international and local students with a flexible, knowledgeable, and vigorous exchange platform to enhance students' interest and create an environment for foreign language learning. Dr. Shen reminded students that English proficiency plus communication skills and cross-cultural understanding are necessary qualifications for entering the global stage, and encouraged students to integrate English learning into their lives and actively participate in various English exchange activities.

Assistant Professor Jui-Hua Chen, the Coordinator of the Si Wan International Salon, said that in order to enhance students' international vision and better understand the pulse of the world, the Center for EMI Teaching Excellence will regularly hold international youth forums this semester, providing students with more opportunities to discuss issues of international trends, while also allowing them to accumulate international exchange experiences through the sharing of their own experiences. Seeing the transformation of students from being shy and jerky at the beginning, to everyone being able to talk freely in English, the Center for EMI Teaching Excellence is encouraged to continue offering such a creative English-speaking environment for students.

The students present at the event reported that they were happy to participate. In a relaxed atmosphere, people were not afraid to communicate in English, and the group members could also actively exchange opinions. During the event, participants could also learn about the characteristics of different cities, whether it be architecture or culture, and the special experience was very beneficial.

Using a different format from traditional teacher planning and teaching, future international youth forum activities will be led by students in the whole process of planning, formulating themes, and leading discussions. The Center for EMI Teaching Excellence hopes to cultivate future leaders with international vision, introspection, and analytical skills through this series of activities.

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