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The European Union Centre at National Sun Yat-sen University has transformed into a Think Tank and launched a bilingual special column of "NSYSU teachers talk about Europe"



(Provided by European Union Centre) The European Union Centre (the EU Centre) at National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU) launched the series column "NSYSU teachers talk about Europe" in September, which was planned by the Vice President for International Affairs Mitch Ming-Chi Chou and Director of the European Union Centre Ming-Hsuan Lee. In addition to continuing to build a European-related information sharing platform and assisting the European Union Centre in Taiwan in handling southern Taiwan activities, the EU Centre also transformed into a think tank on European issues, inviting professors and scholars to observe the situation in Europe and write special articles, gradually accumulating a valuable knowledge base.


"The ancient civilization is there. People show the atmosphere of ancient civilization inadvertently in every gesture and every corner." Mitch Ming-Chi Chou, the Vice President for International Affairs who has visited Europe twice and was immersed in academic and civilization baptism, expressed the hope that teachers and students in NSYSU can also have such a rich learning experience. He is looking forward to the EU Centre and its future promotion of signing student dual degree programs with European universities.


Ming-Hsuan Lee, Director of the EU Centre, pointed out that after a preliminary inventory, all teachers with European backgrounds in NSYSU, including those who have studied in Europe, those who have been visiting scholars in Europe, and those whose research topics are related to Europe, plus other European visiting scholars, the total number is nearly 150. "These teachers are our think tanks, and they all have the ability to write in-depth and wonderful European observations." Ming-Hsuan Lee emphasized that the EU Centre will take advantage of the abundant research talents inside and outside NSYSU to plan a series of articles on "NSYSU teachers talk about Europe".


The following articles have been published in the series column "NSYSU teachers talk about Europe": the analysis of the economic impact of the Ukrainian-Russian war from an economic perspective "The war is so close to us: the economic impact of the war from the perspective of the Ukrainian-Russian war"; the article "Analysis of Sexual Violence Issue in Armed Conflict Areas: Economic Motivation" that analyzes the reasons why sexual violence is still frequent in some corners of the world, and interprets it from the price of gold. These articles provide multiple perspectives for readers on and off campus. In addition, because of the death of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, the EU Centre also invited Chuei-Ling Shin, a Professor of the Department of Political Economy, to write a special article "The Queen's Titular Position and Reality", to talk about the Queen in her mind and the interesting story about her secretly comparing her height with the Queen.


The EU Centre then invited Walter Hsu, Associate Professor of the Department of Theater Arts, and Ko-Ching Chao, Assistant Professor of the Program in Interdisciplinary Studies, to write articles from the perspective of their own research field expertise. In the future, the EU Centre will invite more teachers from different fields to write articles or interviews, launch both Chinese and English versions to promote understanding and exchanges between Taiwan and Europe, and gradually promote the EU Centre to become a think tank on European issues.


For the series column of articles and interviews published by the EU Centre, please link to the website of the EU Centre (https://europa-oia.nsysu.edu.tw/) "NSYSU teachers Talk about Europe" for further reading.


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The war is so close to us: the economic impact of the war from the perspective of the Ukrainian-Russian war

Analysis of Sexual Violence Issue in Armed Conflict Areas: Economic Motivation

The Queen's Titular Position and Reality

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