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NSYSU IBMBA improves dramatically in the Financial Times MiM Ranking, continuing to receive the first place of independent master's programs in Taiwan


(Provided by College of Management) The Financial Times (FT) announced the 2022 FT Masters in Management Ranking (MiM), with a total of 100 universities on the list. This year is the third time that the Master Program of Business Administration in International Business (IBMBA) of the College of Management of National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU) has been evaluated. It was ranked 73rd on the list, a jump of 10 places compared to last year. It not only kept its place as the highest ranking of the independent master's programs in Taiwan but is also was the only independent master's program in Taiwan to be on the list with a global ranking that improved significantly. The NSYSU IBMBA and the trilateral dual degree Master of Global Entrepreneurial Management Program of Fu Jen Catholic University were the only two universities in Taiwan to be on the list.

The 2022 FT MiM Ranking takes the participating business schools and their alumni who graduated three years ago (2019) as the target of its survey, and conducts three major evaluations: alumni career progression, college diversity assessment, and international opportunities - experience and research. The survey items include "Salary percentage increase", "Career progress rank", "Female/International faculty-students board ratio", "International work mobility rank" and others. In terms of alumni career progression, NSYSU IBMBA's "Weighted salary" in the three years after graduation was US$61,717, an increase of about 36% compared with the alumni’s salary at the time of graduation. In the "Career progression" ranking, which evaluates the growth of positions and company scale just after graduation and three years after graduation, it ranked 66th in the world with outstanding results, showing that IBMBA can cultivate business management talents that meet the needs of enterprises and help them grow.

NSYSU College of Management is characterized by an international learning environment and abundant exchange resources. In the IBMBA program, the ratio of foreign students to native students is as high as 1:1. In the "International course experience rank" item, IBMBA students ranked 35th in the world because of their accumulated experience in intensive overseas exchanges, internships or study abroad opportunities. The evaluation item "International work mobility rank" calculates the degree of alumni's change of work country within three years of graduation. NSYSU IBMBA ranked 46th in globally, and 5th among all Asian schools, showing that IBMBA alumni's abilities are very popular with global enterprises.

In addition, in terms of college diversity assessment, the "proportion of female students" accounted for 49%, the "proportion of international students" accounted for 55%, and it ranked 5th among the schools in Asia. The "proportion of international board" accounted for 68%, placing it 2nd among the schools in Asia. The survey items also include the number of students enrolled, the overall satisfaction of alumni, the percentage of completed internships during the program, etc., but this information was not included in the evaluation score.

The IBMBA of NSYSU College of Management was launched in 2005 with all English-mediated instruction (EMI). Chien-Yuan Sher, director of the IBMBA, mentioned that the program is the first EMI master's program offered in southern Taiwan, and that it has accumulated more than 400 international alumni and corporate elites so far. "We are not just Taiwanese who speak English behind closed doors, but our teachers and classmates are all foreigners. Our working language is English." Among the IBMBA's 2021 enrolled students, for example, students come from 13 different countries, showing that the campus has no borders, and the whole world is in the same classroom.

Shu-Chuan Jennifer Yeh, Dean of the NSYSU College of Management, said that running a college with EMI programs is a major feature of the NSYSU College of Management. At present, the NSYSU College of Management provides the IBMBA and the Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program (GHRM MBA) entirely in English. In response to the Bilingual 2030 policy, it also established the all-English International Business Bachelor Program in 2022. NSYSU College of Management actively strives to be in line with international standards, with the mission goal of enhancing NSYSU College of Management as a world-leading business management school.

NSYSU College of Management has repeatedly won prestigious international professional business management honors and certifications. It has been included in the Eduniversal Global Top 1000 Business School Ranking for many years. Since 2019, it has received 4 PALMES OF EXCELLENCE and has been ranked third in Taiwan. In 2020, it passed the 4th re-accreditation examination of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). The degree of internationalization and the quality of teaching and research have been recognized.

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