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NSYSU invites UCSD chair professor to share overseas study experience, enhancing bilingual exchanges in academic research between Taiwan and the United States


(Provided by Department of Chemistry) The Department of Chemistry at National Sun Yat-sen University received the support of the American Institute in Taiwan and applied for the Fulbright Specialist Program of the U.S. Department of State, inviting Neal Krishna Devaraj, an American chemistry and biochemical expert, to come to Taiwan for academic, teaching, research and other exchanges. Dr. Devaraj's trip can enhance the research and teaching energy of domestic teachers and students, strengthen the academic research and chemistry bilingual teaching and research exchanges between Taiwan and the United States, and his first public talk in English attracted many students to participate.

Dr. Neal K. Devaraj is an endowed Chair Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of California, San Diego. His first talk in Taiwan was titled "Sharing Study Abroad Experience and Opportunities", and it attracted many students who are interested in the field of chemistry and studying abroad. The talk and discussion lasted about two hours, which not only benefited the students a lot but also provided opportunities for teachers and students to interact and communicate with foreign scholars.

Based on his own experience, Dr. Devaraj shared his life and study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, participated in the summer program in Japan, and taught at UCSD after graduating from Stanford University with a doctorate, encouraging students to make good use of their summer vacation time to participate in foreign school courses and research projects, interact with local people, travel in many ways, and experience life to broaden their horizons. Dr. Devaraj not only introduced the environment and learning process of UCSD in the United States but also briefly shared his research and achievements in biochemistry. When students asked the suggestions about their applying to foreign schools, Dr. Devaraj believed that in addition to good recommendation letters and self-displaying research plans, the "ability to solve problems" is also one of the most resonant points, which is also an important ability that every good researcher must possess.

Jyh-Tsung Lee, Chair of the Department of Chemistry at NSYSU, said that this specialist program provides teachers and students with valuable experience in direct interaction and consultation with experienced experts, and explores potential expansion and cooperation in chemistry-related research fields. It also promotes the internationalization and international connection of the chemistry field at NSYSU and provides opportunities for teachers and students to cooperate and interact with foreign chemists.

Dr. Devaraj's visit lasted for one month. He attended two teachers' seminars on bilingual teaching and academic research and made public talks on overseas study and special research.

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