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National Sun Yat-Sen University Sports Day kicked off with creative entry shows


The 2023 National Sun Yat-Sen University Sports Day kicked off with the creative entry shows of the sports varsity team, academic units, and administrative units on March 15th in the morning. Teachers and students showed their characteristics and vitality through slogans, songs, dances, and costumes. After some intense competitions, the top three student team awardees were the Department of Theater Arts, the School of Medicine, and the Archery Varsity Team; the top three administrative unit awardees were the Office of General Affairs, the Joint Secretariat (the joint team of the Office of the Secretariat, the Office of Personnel Services, and the Office of Accounting), and the Office of Student Affairs; the top three academic unit awardees were the College of Management, the College of Social Sciences, and the College of Engineering. The special award was gone to NSYSU Attached Kindergarten. In addition to the prize, NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng especially gave each child a unique NSYSU "Dream Bear."
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