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Collaborating with Asian Development Bank, School of Banking and Finance, NSYSU Affiliates Students to the Global Sphere


Collaborating with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the School of Banking and Finance (SBF), National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU), organized an ADB Career Presentation for students keen on pursuing careers at multinational corporations. The event was hosted in the WahLee Hall at NSYSU’s Building of International Research on March 9th, 2023. NSYSU stated that this is the first time ADB has held a recruitment event in a city outside Taipei. In order to cater to the varied requirements of ADB’s services and projects, the company aims to recruit talents with different backgrounds including economics, engineering, remote sensing, information technology, marketing, human resource management, and oceanography. ADB has also announced its Young Professionals Program (YPP), which offers a salary range of USD 88,500 (2,720,000 NTD) to USD 127,000 (3,910,000 NTD), as well as intern scholarships.

After a gap of 10 years, ADB has resumed recruitment activities in Taiwan. In addition to offering diverse full-time job positions, ADB also provides 17 openings in its internship program lasting for 8 to 11 weeks. The attendees of the event include Pierre Dyens, ADB’s principal human resources specialist, Sheryl G. Tamayo, ADB’s senior human resource officer, Ray DAWN, the Dean of SBF, and Grace Jeng, the Director of the Institute of Global Asset Management, SBF.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) was established in 1966, consist of 68 members from Asia Pacific, Europe, and America. ADB is the largest multilateral development bank in Asia, and one of significant intergovernmental organizations that Taiwan participated in. Headquartered in Manila, Philippines, ADB also runs branches in regions of Asia Pacific and southern Asia. With the mission aiming to reinforce economic and social development in Asia, ADB provides services such as loans and technical support for diverse projects, including energy and environmental development, public health, transportation, agriculture, finance, and climate change. As a member of ADB, Taiwan has been assisting many projects such as Asian Development Fund (ADF), Business Opportunities Fair, and ADB Career Presentation.

Ray DAWN, the Dean of SBF, extended his appreciation to ADB for sending human resource specialists to introduce ADB recruitment programs including the nature of the institution, job descriptions and preferred qualification of candidates, which are crucial for talents from south of Taiwan to harness the valuable opportunities and prepare themselves to join in the global community. The entire presentation was conducted in English, with the aid of simultaneous interpreters, giving the students a glimpse of what a professional international event entails. For students who are keen to land multinational jobs, this event provided informative guidance on multilateral organizations and available job positions, thus students will be able to plan their own career paths more effectively. “NSYSU seeks to help Taiwanese professionals gain international recognition and raise Taiwan’s visibility on the global stage,” said DAWN.

DAWN also emphasized that ADB’s wide range of projects results in a variety of requirements for different positions, like backgrounds in the economy, engineering, remote sensing, information technology, marketing, human resource management and oceanography. Thus, it provides numerous opportunities for many NSYSU students to engage in diverse fields such as multinational partnerships, regional development, and climate policies.
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