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NSYSU joined hands with TAITRA to enhance students’ English Proficiency through Bilingual Education Programs


Collaborating with Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) offered the Program on Bilingual Education for Students in College. The class presentation was organized on May 17th that showcased students’ preeminent progress. The Vice President of the Office of Academic Affairs at NSYSU Po-Chiao Lin indicated that the core value of this bilingual education program is to enhance students’ global mobility. The program was offered to improve students’ speaking and writing proficiency and have students prepared for potential challenges on career paths. Po-Chiao Lin also stated the significance of immersive teaching methods and intensive training were the key elements to motivate students to learn with confidence. As the regional bilingual educational center in south Taiwan, NSYSU will continue to play a pivotal role in assisting other schools and developing bilingual education programs that give them a distinctive competitive advantage.

In the remarks for the presentation, the Deputy Director General of MOE's Department of Higher Education Hsueh-Cheng Liang emphasized his strong anticipation for the results of the bilingual programs implemented collectively by NSYSU, TAITRA, and I-Shou University.

The legislator, Tai-Hua Lin, has been paying attention to the development of bilingual education. She expressed gratitude for the contributions made by all the native-speaker teachers of the program. She also mentioned that it takes collective efforts to implement the Bilingual 2030 policy successfully. She expected students from elementary schools, higher education, and public sectors to enhance their language proficiencies continuously through effective learning.

Elina H. L. Lee, the Executive VP of TAITRA, expressed her anticipation for students to immerse themselves in the global sphere and contribute their linguistic advantages to the development of Taiwan’s external trade. She indicated that English proficiency is the key to success in the global sphere. Studying English not only includes tests or certifications but also enhances communication skills. She presented her high hopes to incorporate more teaching professionals into colleges.

Chris Schorr, the English Language Program Coordinator at TAITRA, indicated that the lack of self-confidence is a main entry barrier for students in Taiwan, and how to enhance confidence is the most prioritized mission. “There were few parts of self-confidence training in Taiwan's English classes since junior high school. However, the main obstacle to effective communication and language learning lies in the lack of confidence. Thus, the first thing to do is to encourage students to open their minds and speak out,” said Schorr. When most students are realized that their language abilities exceed their original imagination, they will be more confident in using foreign languages to communicate. NSYSU students began to notice the subtle differences in language use while mastering classroom knowledge. He suggested that students memorize more academic and business vocabulary for further learning. The bilingual program utilized English Medium Instruction (EMI) methodologies, had students immersed in all-in-English environments for speaking and writing practice, and eventually helped them overcome anxiety, speaking English with confidence.

Ben Allan, the teacher of I-Shou University’s Program on Bilingual Education for Students in College, stated that as the program faculty, he was glad to assist students in improving their listening, speaking, reading, and writing bilingual skills. Among those skills, speaking and writing skills should be emphasized to enhance students’ confidence. The program immersed them in EMI environments and prepared them for the English-speaking sphere to present outstanding working performance in the future.

NSYSU stated that the Bilingual Education for Students in the College program at NSYSU offered four sessions of the Generalized Enhancement Program and two sessions of the Business English Program. The amount of time was 60 hours for each session. Totally 120 students participated in the program and learned from TAITRA teachers. The students who accomplished the program will be certified with three micro-credits and bilingual certificates, collectively issued by NSYSU and TAITRA, and will make their resumes more presentable. NSYSU mentioned the anticipation that students keep enhancing their English skills, aiming to train themselves to be global citizens with international perspectives in the global sphere. NSYSU will continuously provide competitive education programs, encourage students to be creative and open to varied knowledge, and offer a solid footing for students’ future careers.
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