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NSYSU joined hands with Xin Chuan Bookstore to initiate free tutoring for flip disadvantaged students' prospects


To break the intergenerational duplication of disadvantaged families, National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) collaborated with Xin Chuan Used Bookstore at Minxiong Township in Chiayi County held the "Xin Chuan Kaohsiung Branch Unveiling Ceremony" to recruit university students to tutor disadvantaged and low-achieving students in their studies for free, and provide large-scale one-on-one free remedial teaching, hoping to change more disadvantaged children's destinies.

Chin-Shan Huang, curator of the Minxiong Xin Chuan Headquarters, stated that the Chinese Xin Chuan Think Tank Association has Minxiong headquarters and three branches in Shuishang, Dalin, and Yizhu Townships in Chiayi. It initiated a cross-county tutoring class plan this year, and the first choice is to collaborate with NSYSU to establish the "Xin Chuan Think Tank Kaohsiung Branch" to provide free one-on-one academic tutoring for disadvantaged children in Kaohsiung. For this initiative, they cooperated with the USR project of NSYSU College of Management and ChienHsing Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. to recruit NSYSU students as tutors, and the NSYSU side will be responsible for maintaining a sufficient number of tutors. ChienHsing Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. will integrate local resources in Kaohsiung City, taking charge of fundraising, maintenance, and operational management for the branch. They believe that the essence of life should not be devastated by society, and they hope to transform the destinies of disadvantaged children through the collective efforts of everyone involved.

Senior Vice President Shiow-Fon Tsay of NSYSU pointed out that the university’s purpose is to let NSYSU be an inspiration and a tipping point for all of our students, faculty, and staff for the betterment of their lives. NSYSU is dedicated to cultivating students' practical spirit of social responsibility, with "social issue care" as one of the key thrusts of the university's USR project. She expressed gratitude to the establishment of the Xin Chuan Kaohsiung Branch for providing NSYSU students with the opportunity to engage in teaching roles. Through personally tutoring children from disadvantaged families, NSYSU students can develop their ability to care for disadvantaged groups and the community proactively. This process helps them build self-confidence, empathy, and a sense of local identity, turning them into significant mentors in the turning points of children's lives.

Senior Vice President Shiow-Fon Tsay mentioned that the Xin Chuan Kaohsiung Branch will follow the mode of other branches to provide free remedial teaching for students from low-income families and those facing academic challenges. The tutoring classes started in mid-September 2023. Students come from Ling Ya Junior High School, Shihjia Junior High School, Hsinjen Junior High School, Longhua Junior High School, Ling Jhou Elementary School, SihWei Elementary School, Ruixing Elementary School, and other schools. In the first batch, 16 students have signed up, and the number of students is increasing. The tutoring classes will be held after school from Monday to Friday, with parents providing transportation. The tutoring subjects covered include Chinese, English, and Math for junior high and elementary levels, and focusing on Physics and Chemistry for junior high school. Additionally, free dinner will be provided for both teachers and students.

Prof. Jui-Kun Kuo, the coordinator of the USR project of NSYSU College of Management, emphasized that through the NSYSU service-learning course “Service Learning: Target Learning for Disadvantaged Students,” the project provides stable and sufficient voluntary tutoring teachers for the Kaohsiung branch. As soon as the course registration opened, all 60 slots were immediately filled. In the first week of the semester, more than 80 students attended the course briefing, and up to 148 students were waiting for the opportunity to choose the course, showing the willingness of NSYSU students to be tutors and actively participate.

Hsin-Yu Hu, CEO of ChienHsing Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd., said that ChienHsing has been investing in local public welfare and single-parent employment resources all year round, and education is the key to changing the future. The Xin Chuan Kaohsiung Branch will continue Curator Huang's mission by providing necessary support to local children. This support goes beyond emotional care; it aims to boost children's self-confidence, discover their potential, and reserve the knowledge capacity needed to pursue their dreams.

NSYSU indicated that the tutoring class model founded individually by curator Chin-Shan Huang has successfully helped more than 80% of disadvantaged children in the tutoring class and made significant progress in their academic and character performance. After ten years of hard work, it has transformed the destinies of about 3,000 disadvantaged children, attracted attention and resources from all walks of life, and established new branches one after another. It is expected that the sustainable education model of cross-border collaboration could benefit more junior high and elementary school students from economically and academically disadvantaged families. Educational resources are no longer a heavy burden for economically disadvantaged families but have become the seeds of hope for transforming children's futures.
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