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NSYSU and CMMC established joint laboratories to cultivate cross-field medical talents together


The alliance between National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) and Chi Mei Medical Center (CMMC) has taken another step forward! Following the signing of the "Strategic Alliance Cooperation Agreement" in July 2022, the two sides officially unveiled the "Joint Core Lab on Precision Medicine," "Joint Lab on Circulatory Medicine," and "Joint Education Office" at CMMC to further strengthen cooperation and promote common development in the field of medical expertise. It not only demonstrates their commitment to medical research and education but also emphasizes closer collaboration in precision medicine, circulatory medicine, and medical education to jointly create a high-quality research and learning environment and cultivate cross-field medical talents together.

President of NSYSU Ying-Yao Cheng said the strategic alliance between NSYSU and CMMC began two years ago. With the support of Vice Chair of the Steering Committee Chung-Ching Chio and Superintendent Hung-Jung Lin, the two sides signed an agreement to improve the medical development level. Through the form of strategic partners, the two sides focus on strengthening diversified exchanges in academic research, talent cultivation, industry-university development, and teaching internships. To connect both resources effectively, CMMC has become one of the teaching hospitals of the School of Medicine at NSYSU. Thanks to close cooperation in the past two years, the School of Medicine at NSYSU has hired 45 full-time and adjunct faculty from CMMC and co-authored nearly 200 papers. More than 20 medical professionals from CMMC pursue further education at NSYSU. Recently, most of the students have been studying in the Doctoral Program of Clinical and Experimental Medicine and the Institute of Biomedical Sciences in the College of Medicine.

Chung-Ching Chio, Vice Chair of the Steering Committee of CMMC System (Chi Mei Medical Center, Chi Mei Hospital in Liouying, Chi Mei Hospital in Chiali), said that in the year 2023, under the joint efforts of the Senior Vice President of NSYSU Ming-Lung Yu and the Deputy Superintendent of Education of CMMC Zhih-Cherng Chen, both sides have invested research budgets in promoting collaboration between clinical and basic medicine to jointly integrate the understanding of disease mechanisms, advance diagnosis and treatment methods, and improve patient treatment outcomes. Under the mutual assistance and reciprocity premise, CMMC also shared hospital resources and established the "Joint Core Lab on Precision Medicine" and "Joint Lab on Circulatory Medicine" with NSYSU. The principal investigators were two outstanding doctors, Professor Chien-Feng Li and Associate Professor Wei-Ting Chang from CMMC, who had won the Ta-You Wu Memorial Award from the National Science and Technology Council. They integrate research resources and form an interdisciplinary research team with faculty and students of NSYSU so that basic academic research can focus more on clinical needs. NSYSU also opened the "Core Facilities Laboratory" of the College of Medicine, allowing researchers at CMMC to apply for systematic research experiments. The laboratory has high-valued instruments and equipment and provides professional consultation. It is a professional teaching, research, and learning platform that promotes the application of cutting-edge technologies and actively creates a new look in translational medicine.

At the same time, CMMC also established the "Joint Education Office," providing a venue for faculty and students of NSYSU to use for teaching and discussions in the hospital as a space for collaborative work and resource sharing, promoting interdisciplinary and interprofessional discussions, and assisting faculty and students in coping with actual clinical challenges, improving clinical practice capabilities and encourage innovation in the field of medical education. Both sides look forward to bringing more innovations and breakthroughs to the medical community through strategic alliance agreement cooperation in the future. They will jointly create new medical education and development possibilities through joint efforts.
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