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Chun-Tuan Chang, Distinguished Professor of NSYSU Department of Business Management, won the 2023 NSTC Academic Outstanding Research Award, becoming the only one in the marketing field


The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) announced the 2023 Academic Outstanding Research Award list. Dr. Chun-Tuan Chang, Distinguished Professor of the Department of Business Management at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU), is the only winner in the marketing field. Her expertise is in marketing management, consumer psychology, advertising and promotion, and experimental design. She has performed extraordinary research, and the teachers and students of NSYSU feel honored that Professor Chang has won the award.

Professor Chang's research mainly focuses on consumer behavior, which not only covers product consumption behavior but also explores pro-social behaviors, such as charitable giving and green behaviors. She explains consumer purchasing and consumption behavior through psychological theory and experimental design combination. In recent years, Professor Chun-Tuan Chang has innovated experimental design, coupled with field experiments or objective physiological response measurements, and the use of secondary data for empirical research to increase the external validity of the study. Her research results have been published in top journals in the marketing field, which can provide highly original discussions and verifications on consumer behavior, interpret diverse consumer behaviors in different marketing environments, and thus help enterprises and non-profit organizations better understand consumer psychology in the hope that these studies can promote the well-being of consumers and the society.

Professor Chang's outstanding academic performance has gained widespread recognition. She has won the E. Sun Academic Award, been selected as one of Asia's Top 100 Active Researchers in Marketing, and was awarded the Misumi Award for Best Articles Published in the Asian Journal of Social Psychology by the Asian Association of Social Psychology. In addition, based on her years of research on Cause-Related Marketing, she was invited by the Harvard Business Review to serve as an enterprise mentor to encourage more companies to engage in charity marketing. Professor Chun-Tuan Chang provides advice on applying what she has learned, integrating academic theory and practice, and also serves as a bridge between academia and industry. Professor Chang believes that the important mission of a scholar is "to take from society, and to give back to society." The recognition of the NSTC Academic Outstanding Research Award reflects her firm commitment to applying academic insights for better social welfare.

The NSTC Academic Outstanding Research Award is established to recognize scientific and technological talents with outstanding research achievements and encourage long-term basic or applied research to enhance Taiwan's academic research level and international academic status, create social development and industrial application benefits, and enhance Taiwan's scientific and technological strength. In addition, except for meeting the qualifications of the Chair of Research Project Grant subsidized by the NSTC, the applicant should have academic originality or important academic value in basic research. On the application level, the applicant should require forward-looking scientific and technological innovations such as economy, society, people's livelihood and welfare, environmental sustainability, industrial efficiency, etc., to improve human life, knowledge, and technology that have made significant contributions and have specific facts.
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