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Bonjour! NSYSU Hosts Multifaceted French Lecture in Geopolitics, Business, and Higher Education


(Provided by Office of International Affairs) National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) recently held a distinguished lecture titled "Exploring France: Learning, Research, and Employment Opportunities." The event featured Franck Paris, Director of the French Office in Taipei; Pauline Ravinet, Science and Higher Education Attaché; and Stéphane Peden, Executive Director of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Taiwan. The speakers offered comprehensive insights into the current state of French higher education, study and research opportunities, geopolitical stances, economic conditions, and potential internships and employment opportunities in France. The lecture attracted nearly 150 faculty and students, fostering lively interactions.

In his opening remarks, Professor Ming-Chi Chou, NSYSU's Director of International Affairs, proudly highlighted the longstanding and fruitful academic exchanges and collaborations between NSYSU and French institutions. He noted that since the first student exchange agreement with EMLyon Business School in 1998, NSYSU has established partnerships with 28 French institutions, representing a significant 9% of its global partners and 11% of its student exchange programs. This underscores the deep and enduring ties between NSYSU and France.

Franck Paris, Director of the French Office in Taipei, delved into the geopolitical dynamics among France, Europe, and Taiwan. He discussed the impact of significant political events such as the Taiwanese elections, the European Parliament elections, and the upcoming U.S. presidential election. Paris also addressed common challenges such as misinformation and maintaining the status quo, illustrating these points with examples like deepfake videos of French journalists produced by Russian media. He analyzed the growing mutual relations between Taiwan and Europe, the importance of strategic partnerships, and France's vital role in the Indo-Pacific region.

Dr. Pauline Ravinet, Attaché for Science and University Cooperation, at the French Office in Taipei, focused on French higher education. She highlighted the successful integration of scientific research and teaching excellence, the vibrant student life, and the rich cultural experience of living in France. Ravinet emphasized the opportunity to study in English while learning French, the benefits of internships for gaining comprehensive professional experience, and the strategic links with the broader European academic community. She strongly encouraged students to consider France as a top choice for higher education and personal growth.

Stéphane Peden, General Director of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Taiwan, introduced the Chamber's activities, its role as a significant international business platform, and its efforts in promoting economic ties between France and Taiwan. Peden shared the Chamber's initiatives to support businesses, ensure supply chain security, and encourage regional investment. His detailed explanations helped participants understand the strategic advantages of engaging with the French business sector and the various internship and employment opportunities available to Taiwanese enterprises in France and French enterprises in Taiwan.

To foster deeper mutual understanding, friendship, and cultural experience between Taiwan and France, the French speakers cordially invite NSYSU faculty and students to partake in the 2024 French Festival in Kaohsiung, scheduled from June 7 to 9. This festival, a unique blend of academic engagement and cultural immersion, will feature a French-themed market showcasing handicrafts, cultural creations, and cuisine, as well as scientific activities, language exchanges, French performances, circus shows, stage performances, sports experiences, cultural lectures, and an open-air cinema. The event is designed to provide a deeper understanding of French life and attract more talented students to engage in academic exchanges in France.

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