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NSYSU Signs MOU for Overseas Technical Assistance Program with ICDF to Encourage International Internships


National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) entered into a significant collaboration with the International Cooperation and Development Foundation (ICDF) to initiate the "Youth Overseas Technical Assistance Internship Program." This partnership aims to provide NSYSU students with valuable overseas internship opportunities with a stipend to cover living allowances, language learning support, insurance, round-trip tickets, and accommodation during their overseas internships, all funded by the ICDF.
The internship opportunities cover diverse fields such as horticulture, veterinary medicine, aquaculture, culinary nutrition, environmental science, business management, information engineering, and Mandarin Chinese teaching. This program encourages students from various disciplines to contribute their expertise.

NSYSU President Cheng Ying-Yao and ICDF Secretary-General Li Chao-Cheng jointly signed the "Letter of Intent for the Youth Overseas Technical Assistance Internship Program," creating opportunities for NSYSU students to participate in the foundation's overseas internship program. Selected students will have the chance to be stationed in Taiwan's diplomatic allies and friendly countries in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region. During their internships, they will work under the guidance of local technical teams, engaging in a semester-long overseas experience. The ICDF will conduct pre-departure training, providing essential living allowances, language learning support, insurance, airfare, and accommodation during the internship period.

President Cheng Ying-Yao emphasized NSYSU's commitment to fostering students to enhance their international competitiveness. He encouraged students to take bold steps beyond national borders, participate in various international exchanges and learning experiences. This international collaboration will broaden the perspectives of NSYSU students, enrich their experiences, develop profound international citizenship qualities, and fulfill the university's social responsibility (USR). President Cheng also expressed hope for further collaboration with the foundation, especially in NSYSU’s unique fields like marine research.

Participating in this internship program offers students a deep understanding of the social and cultural aspects of Taiwan's friendly countries from different perspectives. It enhances language proficiency, professional skills, abilities to live independently, and builds confidence. By actively contributing to foreign aid missions, students witness positive changes in the local communities, adding significant value to their resumes and creating highlights in their international experiences.

The ICDF highlighted that through this overseas internship program, students can engage in technical aid work, with outstanding performers being prioritized for talent retention. Those who demonstrate excellence may have the opportunity to be employed as members of the foundation's overseas technical teams after training, serving as a vital source of talent for international affairs and foreign aid. For students interested in applying for diplomatic alternative service, the foundation will establish preferential qualification conditions to assist interns in smoothly transitioning to diplomatic alternative service after graduation.
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