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NSYSU issues Sustainability Report 2021, expecting to be carbon neutral by 2048


(Provided by Center for Alumni Services and Social Engagement) National Sun Yat-Sen University Sustainability Report 2021 has been issued. In response to 2048 as NSYSU's carbon neutrality target year, the sustainability report specifies the carbon neutrality strategic plan and three-stage action goals to fulfill the university's social responsibility and sustainable development. This is the second publication after winning the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA).

In June 2022, NSYSU hosted the "Sustainable Development and Social Practice Forum", during which President Ying-Yao Cheng officially announced publicly that 2048 was set as the target year for NSYSU's carbon neutrality. In terms of energy conservation and carbon reduction, air pollution control, wastewater and waste management, campus greening and green buildings, as well as climate risk assessment and action, this sustainability report provides detailed strategic practices and data results. During the compilation process, a school-wide Environment Social Governance (ESG) sustainability basic course was also arranged, so that the responsible colleagues of the relevant units could participate together to understand the concept of sustainable development and promote the spirit of sustainability.

The Social Engagement Division of the Center for Alumni Services and Social Engagement, which is responsible for editing and planning, said that the sustainability report not only presents the sustainable achievements of NSYSU, but also links the university's social responsibility practice with ESG as the core, and drives the whole school to implement the spirits of “Environmental, Social, and Governance”. In 2022, NSYSU also held the "NSYSU Sustainability Month" event for the first time, combining a number of lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and academic forums to promote sustainable development. NSYSU also actively participates in the sustainable development initiative of universities, joins the Taiwan sustainable governance alliance, connects forces from all walks of life, and works together for a better sustainable future.

NSYSU's first sustainability report published last year was conferred the silver medal for University Sustainability Reports at the TCSA. The "Annual sustainability special report" is specially added in this year's report, which summarizes the school's achievements in promoting urban sustainability, protecting global air quality, and cultivating sustainable management talents, showing that NSYSU not only promotes sustainability within the school but also cooperates with local and international connections.

(Edited by Public Affairs Division)
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