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NSYSU Establishes Academic Ties with Three Major Universities in Arizona


National Sun Yat-sen University President Cheng Ying-Yao led a delegation of 11 administrative and academic executives to Arizona, USA from April 18 to 21, 2023. The purpose was to visit three major universities in the state: Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, and The University of Arizona.

This visit was initiated several months ago when the former governor of Arizona led a delegation to Taiwan. Through the Arizona Commerce Authority, NSYSU’s Office of International Affairs established contacts with the three universities and facilitated this visit.

During the visit, National Sun Yat-sen University signed memorandums of understanding with the three universities, marking a new milestone in academic exchanges and student mobility cooperation between Taiwan and Arizona. These memorandums aim to strengthen academic cooperation, enhance student exchanges, and establish double-degrees, particularly in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science, physics, chemistry, marine science, and information management. In recent years, National Sun Yat-sen University has invested heavily in the development of English-taught programs in many academic fields, which can provide bilingual teaching and facilitate exchanges and learning for students of both sides.

Another highlight of this visit was the successful hosting of a dinner reception by National Sun Yat-sen University. Among the participants were representatives from the three universities, high-level executives from industry including Vice President Yi-Huang Wu of TSMC Arizona Fab21, and President Calvin Su of Chang Chun Arizona LLC, as well as young Taiwanese scholars pursuing doctoral degrees locally. This reception provided a platform for exchanges, not only facilitated cooperation between the universities but also linked the two major corporations in Arizona, TSMC and Chang Chun Group, to provide internship opportunities to jointly cultivate talent crucial for the semiconductor industry in Taiwan and the US.

National Sun Yat-sen University President Cheng Ying-Yao said, "This visit was very successful, and we are delighted to initiate our cooperation with universities in Arizona. We are committed to further promoting research and student mobility cooperation and look forward to working closely with our new partners. Next, National Sun Yat-sen University and our Arizona partners will further discuss research cooperation in various fields for student exchange and joint degree programs."
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