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Associate Professor Tong-Yu Hsieh of the Department of Electrical Engineering at NSYSU received the 2023 IEET Distinguished Teaching Award


(Provided by Teaching and Learning Development and Resources Center)Associate Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) Tong-Yu Hsieh received the 2023 IEET Distinguished Teaching Award, offered by the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET). Throughout Associate Professor Hsieh’s teaching career, he received numerous accolades from NSYSU and various external organizations. He emphasized the significance of receiving the IEET Teaching Excellence Award as a meaningful form of recognition. He will continuously bring systematic concepts and thoughts of teaching to solve the possible issues in various teaching scenarios. Moreover, he will offer more opportunities for students to learn and keep making contributions to innovative education environments.

Associate Professor Hsieh started his teaching career in 2011 and contributed his enthusiasm to raising engineering and technology professionals. He ever received the NSYSU Distinguished Teaching Award for the 2016 academic year and the Excellent Teaching Award for the 2014 and 2015 academic year. He was recognized as NSYSU Pilot Teacher in the 2021 academic year. Through the consecutive academic years 2018 to 2022, Associate Professor Hsieh had selected for the Ministry of Education (MOE) Teaching Practice Research Program and received the recognition awards of Outstanding Projects and Highlight Projects in 2018, 2020, and 2021. In the academic year 2020, Associate Professor Hsieh received recognition by MOE "The Education Consortium of Smart Manufacturing and Electronics" for two excellent courses.

Associate Professor Hsieh was also the instructor of the 2023 National Intelligent Innovation and Interdisciplinary Creation Contest (NIICC). The team instructed by him received the third-place award in the national competition. The result also indicated Associate Professor Hsieh’s professional skills and teaching techniques in the integrated circuit field. One of his teaching concepts is to motivate students to learn. His courses, practical digital system design, system on chip testing, and highly reliable system design, testing, and applications, were designed based on his teaching practice research. He also introduces technological interactions in class via online software to motivate students' participation in discussions and make contributions. Besides, he placed results-oriented elements in the difficult and complex courses. The measurement system designed by Associate Professor Hsieh successfully helped students to implement the class projects effectively and have the progress in control according to the objectives of each stage. Setting goals served as a method to empower students' sense of self-efficacy effectively, which enhances learning effectiveness and a sense of accomplishment substantially.

Associate Professor Hsieh’s teaching methodology incorporates theories, practices, and implementation abilities. Through his innovative teaching strategies, students have been motivated and more proactive in learning. Students’ skills are also enhanced via continuous practical implementation. Associate Professor Hsieh’s teaching results are recognized highly by students and academic peers. His hard work and innovation have brought new vitality to the teaching quality of NSYSU and made evident contributions to raising talents in technology fields.

Besides, Associate Professor Hsieh contributed much time and effort to cross-campus academic collaborations. As the leader of the South Base of the MOE Teaching Practice Research Program, he plans to enhance the teaching quality and students’ contributions to bilingual classes through his own experiences and initiate more cross-disciplinary interactions among faculties and the enhancement of faculties and their teaching.

To motivate teachers to implement results-oriented teaching, the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan offered the IEET Distinguished Teaching Award to enhance engineering and technology education. The selection was implemented according to various indicators such as teaching concept, methodology, results, recognized accomplishments, lecture contents within five years, and teaching evaluation performances.

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