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Taiwan Education Fair Returns to Philippines and Inaugurates in Manila Campuses



The Taiwan Education Center (TEC) in the Philippines, operated by National Sun Yat-sen University, returned to Manila on October 17 and 18 after the pandemic to host the Taiwan Higher Education Fair. Fourteen Taiwanese universities inaugurated their visit to school campuses in Manila, extending invitations to local students. This year's Taiwan Education Fair was conducted simultaneously online, featuring participation from 43 tertiary education institutions, offering over 800 English-based programs. The online fair (https://2023tecphfair.nsysu.edu.tw/) runs until January 17 next year, with a website that includes a matchmaking feature to facilitate swift connections between Filipino students and Taiwanese universities.

National Sun Yat-sen University expressed that this exhibition took place at two campuses in Manila on October 17 and 18 and one in Cebu on October 20. It included the Philippine Science High School System, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and Cebu Technological University. Around 30 representatives from 14 Taiwanese higher education institutions participated in the student recruitment activities. The activities involved presentations in rotation from 14 public and private comprehensive and technological universities, broadcasted live, complemented by the fair's dedicated website offering up to 800 English-based programs for prospective students interested in studying in Taiwan. The three campus fairs collectively attracted approximately 1,600 Filipino students attending in person and 1,200 online viewers.

"This is our first substantial engagement within Manila's campuses, organizing the Taiwan Higher Education Fair in high schools and universities, constructing a new bridge for educational exchange between the two countries," expressed Dr. Mitch Chou, Director of the TEC Philippines and the Vice President for International Affairs of National Sun Yat-sen University. The TEC, commissioned by the Ministry of Education, has been a vital platform for promoting educational cooperation and cultural exchange between Taiwan and the Philippines. Supported extensively by the Manila Economic and Cultural Office, this opportunity to actively recruit students within local campuses reflects Taiwan's earnest efforts to cultivate high-caliber talent acknowledged by the Filipino side. It also underscores Taiwan's ongoing commitment to infuse vitality into educational cooperation between the two countries.

This year also marked the inaugural gathering of Filipino alumni who had returned to their homeland after pursuing degrees in Taiwanese higher education institutions. The event attracted over 30 Filipino alumni who shared their learning and living experiences in Taiwan, expressing a sentiment that they've come to regard Taiwan as their "second home," reminiscing fondly about their student life there. Apart from acknowledging Taiwan's high-quality education and advanced scientific equipment, the alumni commended Taiwan for its convenient living environment, safe streets, comprehensive healthcare system, amiable people, efficient transportation, and diverse cuisine.

The endeavors to strengthen educational ties and deepen cultural connections exemplify Taiwan's dedication not only to academic excellence but also to creating a welcoming environment for international students.

Online Taiwan Education Fair

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