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NSYSU held the 2023 Annual Conference of TPSA to discuss international conflicts and democratic challenges


The Institute of Political Science at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) and the Taiwanese Political Science Association (TPSA) held the 2023 Annual Conference of TPSA with the theme of "The Impact of the International Order and the Challenges of Democratic Politics." More than 200 political scientists and graduate students from Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, the United States, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong gathered in Sizihwan to discuss the current political situation and major issues facing the world and Taiwan. It included significant issues such as political participation, public opinion and elections, political communication, power competition, international political and economic development, cross-strait relations, Taiwan's national security, and foreign policy.

Kaohsiung Mayor Chi-mai Chen attended the opening ceremony and emphasized that academic achievements in political science can help cities cope with the impact of globalization issues and provide innovative policy recommendations. How to cope with modern urban governance is a topic that local governments face daily, including extreme climate, net-zero transformation, intelligent transformation, etc. Mayor Chi-mai Chen also took the Coldplay concert held at the formerly World Games Stadium (now Kaohsiung National Stadium) as an example to share how the Kaohsiung City Government utilized big data analysis to evacuate audiences quickly. The mayor said that pessimistic people see change as a challenge, while optimistic people see it as an opportunity, which is the best opportunity for Kaohsiung. Research in the political science community is precious for national and local governance. Mayor Chen looks forward to more exchanges between academia and practice to provide more answers to various issues in an era of rapid change.

NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng pointed out that providing professional analysis and explanations for current political phenomena is one of NSYSU's important missions in contributing to society. On the occasion of NSYSU's 43rd anniversary, it is significant for political scientists to gather on campus. He hoped that the Institute of Political Science at NSYSU could continue to point out blind spots in policies and lead all walks of life to more engage in the discussion of public issues. He also expressed his expectation that this academic discipline, essential to national development, would develop steadily and cultivate more talents with an international perspective to benefit the masses.

Cheng-Hao Pao, Chairman of TPSA, mentioned that many countries and regions in the world have experienced tensions, conflicts, and high uncertainties in 2023. The political science discipline has a great mission and responsibility. He hopes to provide cross-border and cross-domain exchanges and reflections and jointly take the world's pulse through this international academic conference. Titus C. Chen, chairman of the conference preparatory committee and Professor of the NSYSU Institute of Political Science, said the world situation is still turbulent. The Russia-Ukraine war is continuing, causing global energy price fluctuations; Sino-US relations are tense, making the situation in Asia more complicated; climate change and epidemics continue to be dangerous threats to all countries, and Taiwan also faces various challenges in geopolitics and the operation of its democratic system. This annual conference held 37 sessions, published 134 original papers and had more than 200 domestic and international scholars focused on important research topics.

The annual conference organizer, the Institute of Political Science of NSYSU, has celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2023. Chair Frank Cheng-Shan Liu said that over the past 30 years, the Institute of Political Science of NSYSU has been running in the spirit of "Liberal Atmosphere and Cross-fields Interactions" and has cultivated alumni who have made significant contributions to Taiwanese society, whether they are involved in family, academia, public service, or business. Hoping that all walks of life and students continue to care about the management of everyone's affairs and actively participate in intellectual dialogue at the annual conference and other academic activities.
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